News Rumor Smart move Vince. Now Cormier wants to Fight Lesnar for Universal title in UFC. Lesnar is spoiled

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ThePhenom97, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Now that Lesnar is Universal Champion, Daniel Cormier asked Lesnar to put the title on the line against him in UFC...

    I had a feeling with Brock constantly jumping back and forth in the worlds of UFC and WWE, this BS will happen

    A UFC fighter wants to fight for the WWE title.

    You see this is why Lesnar shouldn't be Champion if he cannot dedicate himself to one company.

    He's going work for WWE and show at a UFC event a start trouble. What type of Horsesh*t is this?

    Even though this most likely will never happen. This is why Lesnar is ruining the WWE.

    He's being spoiled and babyed by two guys Vince and Dana.

    What do you guys think of this BS.
    Daniel Cormier calls out Brock Lesnar, asks him to put WWE title on the line
  2. Don't realy care What will be Will Be Talking here Wont Change a THING :damn:
  3. What do I think? Easy. Fuck Brock Lesnar.
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  4. Cormier would be a better champion tbh
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  5. Even though you're 100% right I doubt UFC and WWE is going to do a Rocky and Thunderlips Storyline.

    That's why it's stupid for Brock to be on top of charts on two different companies.
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  6. Would be great to get some more WWE/UFC crossover. I think each promotion has something to gain from it
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  7. Oh I doubt they'd ever let it happen, I would want it too. Even if Cormier disrespected Popeyes.
  8. *Looks Around for a few Moments*

    So...I don't like Leanar & I have no
    idea who this Cormier guy


    Wake me when Rollins or Strowman
    has the Universal belt.
  9. Even if Dana and Vince wanted to make it happen, I could see potential issues with all the different athletic commissions involved. But if somehow it were to happen, we could get some interesting results. Lashley would surely benefit from it, if nothing else