Smashed a 1000 since I came back

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. OMG seriously when did i become a spammer and hit the 1,000 barrier?

    never even noticed and it's like 1440 now or something like that.


  2. Lmao you own :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Spam bot :laugh:{I kid congrats}
  4. Smashed a 1000 from that contest. :otunga:
  5. Haha thanks guys as long as I'm contributing and not rubbish I'm happy.

    Fair play Hoss but my post count is flying up atm since I became active again.

    Like I said hope I aint just waffling rubbish haha
  6. DolphZiggler is catching up to me. I need another contest to motivate me to post more like I did.

    @[Anxiety] give me another contest. :otunga:
  7. LOLS I'm playing catch up here too haha.
  8. Another post contest will occur from this weeks RAW to WM.
  9. Posts or other things involved?

    But i'm in woo woo woo
  10. Why should I enter? :gusta:
  11. What is this :gusta: smiley?

    I dont get it!
  12. Me gusta, it's spanish for I like. It's become a meme.


    A shit example but some are pretty funny.
  13. hmmm may help if i knew what a meme was?

    It's basically pictures, quotes or whatever that spread through the internet. Sites like and have alot of different ones.
  15. I'm a noob first forum.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Sorry almighty Hoss.

    Won't be so cocky when I beat ur post count.

  18. Naws, I don't care about the post count that much. It's all about the awards. :lol1:
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