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  1. No, Xanth, this thread is not about you! :booker:

    What are some smells that trigger past memory for you? Everyone has at least one they can think of off the top of their head.
  2. Every time I fart, I think of Xanth, because his catch phrase is "I just farted and I can taste it".
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  3. Sweat!

    As it reminds me of Hacienda and Factory Records parties from back in the day. The reason sweat the clubs used to be that tightly packed that sweat would condense on the ceiling and rain down through the night. A little gross I know but those nights were truly some if the greatest of my life.
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  4. That is so disgustingly funny Crayo! :lol1: :gtfo:
  5. Do note, I did not like it for the smell of sweat, but the story. lolol
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  6. Weed makes me thing of weed.
  7. [​IMG]

    This stuff should be banned.
  8. The smell of garbage makes me think of @deth :lol1:
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  9. Deep Heat, it's an ointment you use on muscles and shit, reminds of the intensity & excitement of the pre match talk & warm ups before a game of Aussie Rules.
  10. smelling my finger reminds me of the time I finger blasted your mom.
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  11. The smell of hot chocolate reminds me of a girl i stalked
  12. That shouldn't be funny but I LOL'd
  13. The smell of Rave hair spray reminds me of 9th/10th grade. A close friend I use to have used it on her hair ALL the time.
  14. I bet you did
  15. :gtfo: :mad2:
  16. How many ozones must you and your friends kill with all that hairspray
  17. I use natural organic hairspray THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :mad2:
  18. Lol you put orangoutang titty milk in your hair
  19. ashely is has bamboo, aloe vera and moringa in it. So... NO! :angry:
  20. Moringa is portuguese for vagina :haha: :haha: :haha:
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