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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. Smith Hart, oldest brother of Bret Hart, will be writing articles on, which is a professional wrestling news source. Below is his first, and his thoughts on what's wrong with professional wrestling today.

  2. When you put out shit ppv's like i've been seeing (only as of the last 3 months now) It makes it should also be noted that if streaming it wasn't an option, i would quit on the product altogether. The issue really is simple, there are plenty of internet companies that work with advertising and other sources to create money from online downloads and even torrents. I won't disagree that piracy is an issue for any company, but one sitting at the place WWE is at, I see no issue with it.

    In fact, i'd honestly like someone to break it down for me, on why and how the price of PPV's have been so consistent? Why am i dropping 60$ today when it was the same fucking price 15 years ago when i was 12?

    ETA: I feel i came off as hating too much. I do respect his opinion, as someone who has been in the industry for such a long time. I just don't see how comparing the 12 year old Cena fan who has to beg his parents to see the PPV to the adult who actually has to earn the money makes any sense. I could have a bunch of my friends come over some night and order the ppv and make a deal out of it, splitting the costs, but honestly...why? When ppv's adapt to this day and age and move to a realistic price, then great, i'll buy. Until then, thank you to the 12 year old Cena fan whose parent paid for it, and is streaming it for me to also enjoy. :awyeah:
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  3. Smith Hart is [aids font]Irrelevant[/aids font]
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  4. just make sure the font isn't piss yellow.
  5. He makes a good point about Cena appealing more to children and Bryan/Punk appealing more to adults (not that it wasn't obvious, anyway) and how adults are the ones more likely to stream PPVs illegally. It's what I find funny about people who are fans of guys like Punk and Bryan, people who stream the show illegally instead of paying for it but then turn around and complain anyway when lower buyrates like the Summerslam one are reported.
  6. Piss yellow mixed with blood red.
  7. sounds about right. :tyson:
  8. PWInsider wrote that WWE is more focused on ratings than PPV buys now, and I'll bet that comes from the streaming issue (although it could just be the dirtsheets justifying the 12 man tag on Raw that cost them a whole bunch of money, but I digress). But fifty bucks for a PPV is a whole lot of money, period. Would you rather buy Survivor Series to watch for 3 hours or get a years' worth of enjoyment out of Grand Theft Auto V and get the same show on stream? To the adult consumer it's hard not to understand.

    I'm sure a lot of it is Vince still being butthurt about communal viewing that he blamed a long time ago, when someone and his friends would chip in $5 each to buy the show (he said so in a conference call recently iirc) but there's simply no way to justify the high prices. Even with Summerslam (who they hated the buyrate so much for) I'm sure there are some "internet fans" would have been fine shelling out $20 for the show to support it. But $60 is just obscene when there are free outlets we know about. Even if WWE wants to lower the price, they'd probably have to add an extra incentive to the shows to get you to not stream them, like getting discount merch for a month or a classic DVD or something on top of the better video quality and knowing that you'll be supporting the current direction of the product.

    Maybe there's some sort of light at the end of the tunnel since they're wanting to move all the B-shows to the WWE Network (thank goodness) but who's actually going to order it? That may not fix the problem, but at least it's some acknowledgement that it exists.
  9. Well, I don't even think they sell PPVs here so for me buying them is out the window (that's why I stream/download them, personally). But 60 dollars sounds like a lot of money.
  10. Not having Sky is the issue for me if there was a way to buy PPV's on freeview I would be inclined to purchase more often. As it is I'm not buying online and watching on a poo laptop screen or faffing to get it on my TV.
  11. I refuse to pay 30-45 pounds for Sky Sports to watch wrestling when Hoss has a site ready to go, I also refuse to buy PPVs with shitty build and card, If there is a PPV I am really looking forward to like this year Royal Rumble, MITB, Summerslam etc I will buy it but PPVs like HIAC, Battleground, NOC etc I can't justify buying them.
  12. I'm too much of a tight **** to pay for it.
  13. This is how I see it. They charge about $50 for a PPV to watch on your TV live. If you wait a week or two, you can buy it on DVD for about $10. If it is in your local area, you can go to the arena and have a lot more fun for $20. If you have no money, you can watch it online easily and the stream doesn't expire after a week. Lesson: Don't buy it live and save your money. Also, you could spend that money on upgrading your internet for improved streaming :emoji_slight_smile:

    On the other hand, they are a business and they need to make money so I guess this is their only option.
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