Smith James AKA Bull Dempsey

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Ed!, Jun 29, 2014.

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  1. Thoughts on Bull Dempsey aka Smith James' debut on NXT?

    The fans weren't all that pumped for him, new guy and all, but his post match speech just lacked, then all that random snarling?
  2. Didn't impress me much. I don't know, he's supposed to be an old-school grappler I think but he just comes off as some random fat guy to me instead of a Lou Thesz or something.
  3. Needs new gear. Looks like a big baby
  4. Eh. Looks like a combo of Bundy and Elgin. Gotta see more to really get an opinion on him.
  5. Is it obvious that this fatty was trained by Taz?
  6. They repackaged CJ Parker and rid the NXT Universe of characters I don't like, so they had to rectify that somehow.

    This dude is straight up ass.
  7. But CJ Parker is pretty dope.
  8. Not a huge fan. Someone needs to show him how to spice it up a little bit. Pretty underwhelming in my opinion.
  9. Bull needs to make every day leg day. He needs to look more like ECW Taz and not TNA commentary Taz if he wants that old school brawler look.
  10. With the gimmick change CJ's become pretty cool.

    Hey Stopspot, read elsewhere that he's going for more of an "Eddy Kingston in Chikara" gimmick than anything else.
  11. He might try but he'll be Bullshit.

    All they share right now is the "last of a dying breed" moniker and Dempsey trying to be a brawler. But the gimmicks in themselves share the same base in the brawler badass, just like Taz back in ECW who was a short, stocky badass who made everyone tap. And Dempsey is much more similar to his trainer than he is to Kingston.

    Could you see Dempsey being this?
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  12. After finding some promos I can see the Kingston influence to go with the "Last of a Dying Breed" moniker, but damn this is such a poor man's version.

    As you say a big problem with him is his look. I can imagine him TRYING to do some stuff like this, but even if he does work a lot stiffer it'll look ridiculous because he looks ridiculous.
  13. Why he thinks that type of singlet works is beyond me. He looks like a baby King kong Bundy
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  14. And now he is teaming with Mojo Rawley in the tournament. That should be disastrous.
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