Snapchat Leaks

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Oct 13, 2014.

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  1. Well to be honest I never really used the application but I know a lot of people have, I just thought people should be aware that programs like that are pretty easy to hack apparently due to it being a 3rd party program.. A few days back a group of hackers stated that they were prepared to leak a crap load of pictures uploaded/sent to people via Snapchat.. now it appears they have followed through with that statement..

    Approximately 200,000 user's photos/videos were breached have been uploaded by the Hackers online for the public to see.. where these photos are? Just look around on Google or other search engines and you will surely find some.

    The 3rd party program that is said to be the main cause of the leak is called, basically it was a program on an actual computer that allowed you to view your Snapchat messages in other places besides the phone.
  2. well shit...
  3. Got any nudes jacked? :ksi:
  4. If you take a dick pic expect it to be leaked. Fucking common sense is lacking seriously.
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  5. Hackers need to get a life, seriously.
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  6. I always read the word Hackers in a really dramatic tone before thinking of Jurassic Park. This is a Unix system I know this. They're important people if they don't spot flaws then who will? Id rather stuff like this being leaked than bank details or whatever. It's part of the society we live in and pen testers are needed black or white hat.
  7. This was always going to happen. An app like SnapSave is a 3rd party program, which really is a shitty app considering it saves unopened images without the sender knowing. So in terms of a breach, they deserve it. In terms of the images being released, that sucks. But in the internet age you need to take security with the utmost importance.
  8. Obviously hackers who work for the government are a necessity, but those who invade normal people's privacies (such as the case here) or those who send viruses to people's computers just because they have nothing better to do than fuck other people's shit up are losers.
  9. they're so cool.

    They hacked a whole bunch of dick pics and posted them online. :neveralone:
  10. I kind of want to film/produce a documentary on hackers involved in Celebgate (The Fappening), I feel like a small 30 minute one would do decent justice.. + I wanna get some exclusive nudes that I know they haven't released quite yet.
  11. Where do you think a lot of those guys learn their trade?
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  12. cumming from you :dawg:
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  13. Can't compare those two, as it's two different deals. This isn't the AOL age.

    Slaters gonna Slate, Lock.
  14. Lol apparently this mutual lady friend of another lady friend of mine had a bra and panty pic leaked.. she wouldn't share the location but knowing her body.. I rREALLY would love to find it.
  15. I'm a huge mark for them. Seeing Kaley Cuoco's & Jennifer Lawrence's pictures leaked is in my top 5 2014 moments.
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  16. And Hope Solo burned my eye sockets.
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  17. Literally praying for some Jennifer Aniston leaks, though highly optimistic.
  18. I marked out seeing the chick from modern family who looks like the one married to ashton kootcher
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