Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by TheArabHammer, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. I'm bored at work snapchat me thearabhammer
  2. Just wondering,what is Snapchat?
    I mean,I know it's an app but how does it work?
  3. You take a pic and send it to whoever and the recipient can only see it for 10 seconds
  4. You can only see it for 10 seconds? That's dumb.
    Why not just send a picture text?
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  5. Yeah I get pics of tits and other shit randomly
  6. It's mainly used by 15 year olds for "sexting" @Vintage®
  7. That seems kinda difficult when the pictures only last 10 seconds.
  8. Ye
  9. I'm not 15 :okay:
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  10. My girlfriend uses this. Why? I have no idea. I think the idea of only being able to see the picture for 10 seconds is stupid. Why? What is the point of this app? :notsure:
  11. My fiancée and I usually send stupid shit to each other
  12. '2013' is the first year not to contain a repeated digit since '1987'.
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  13. :shock: You just blew my friggin' mind brother
  14. I use snapchat with a few people I know but that's it.
  15. Snapchat is for losers with skinny weiners, if you you are going to send naughty pictures commit to a permanent picture message or email picture.
  16. :lol1: I snapchat with 4-5 ppl and I randomly get tits sent from someone idk
  17. Yeah it's the 10 second thing that bothers me. If i send you a picture of my grub snake I will have the balls to make it a permanent image.
  18. Expect nudes shortly.
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  19. Until everyone in your town knows what your dick looks like.
  20. Its easily identifiable, small and crooked.
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