News Snoop Lion is Hall of Fame bound

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Off Topic (open)

    Just a little off topic note. In the similar threads part, at the bottom, CM Punk made a thread about Sasha Bank's signing and everyone seems to hate her. Just thought that was kind of funny. Carry on.
  2. The most overrated rapper of all time is going into the WWE HOF... I guess if Drew Carey can get in, anyone can.

    Still, this is one induction i will not watch.
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  3. What's he ever done in the 'E? Ah yes, they also inducted Schwarzenegger, so no surprise there.
  4. He guest GM in 2009, if I remember correctly. So basically if you even show up on a WWE camera, you'll be inducted. I guess Adam Sandler's WM 21 crowd shot will get him the induction.
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  5. Placed in the picture next to a pimp and a cop. Hmmmm.
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  6. He ended the streak, how could you forget that?:blackshock::jeritroll:
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  7. Oh, so it's THAT guy who'll be inducted into the HoF. I must've confused him with someone else. It's cool, then. :smirk2:
  8. Snoop Lion's Cousin Signed

    I like how this is in the related threads, who'd have thought this signing would have worked so well?

    Also I don't see any issue with him going in, it's the celeb wing of the HOF (which might as well be a shit show within a shit show.)
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  9. Speaking of a shit show.

    Warrior suggested an award be handed out to the ones behind the scenes. The referees, road agents, staff and backstage workers. Instead WWE molded it into another PR gimmick.

    :facepalm: < c wut i did thair
  10. Haha that would be hilarious if he performed this old gem

  11. He also is the first undisputed champ and is the only man to beat Austin and the rock in the same night. Also he invented MITB:jericho:
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  12. 2 wrestlemanias 3-4 raw guest host.
  13. Arnold is a great man, he also got put over by H in a segment on Smackdown.

    So basically he's > your favorite wrestler*

    *Excluding Kevin Nash because he get's it.

    Show Spoiler
    He sold his quad, look at it
    Show Spoiler

    Also it's the celeb wing of a pointless hall of fame, why are annoyed by this lol?

  14. I still love how he sold it like he tore his quad. He may hate the marks and internet smarks for the memes but y'know he know's how not to give a fuck.
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  15. I'm not really annoyed, but the HoF shouldn't be a joke, that's all I'm saying.
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