so 2K gets the WWE gaming brand

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. what are your opinions?

    i still think its gonna be hard to beat the gameplay of the old N64 wrestling games.

  2. Don't know anything about this company but change was needed, if they make another game like HCTP or better NO mercy then it will be worth it.
  3. 2K is arguably one of the best if not the best sports game companies out there.
  4. I don't really play sports games but if this lot are highly thought of then i am looking forward to what the offer.

    Hopefully the game will be much faster then the slow,sluggish wwe THQ/Yukes have been giving us recently. And more importantly bring back the fun element.
  5. Not much is going to change. 2K have hired Yukes to continue developing the game. I think 2K might be helping with the design, and WWE 14 will be called WWE 2k14 too, but I'm seriously not expecting a revolution here.
  6. :upset:i will still be playing HCTP then
  7. Just went and YouTube'd a few clips of HCTP and it baffles me how it is hardly any different to the modern WWE games. Such little progress in terms of development.

    Where as, you compare Fifa 06 to Fifa 13:

    Fifa 03:
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    Fifa 13
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  8. This. I still hate on madden, and 2k5 was the last football game made by segasports a long, long while back.
  9. This.
  10. yeah, we just popped in WCW NWO revenge on the 64 yesterday.....

    Go AKIMAN!!!
  11. I lol'd. This.
  12. Putting 2K in the title instantly boosts the sales. :mad2: Everyone knows that. :damnn:
  13. They got the old THQ crew to do it I think (Ledesma, Williams) and Yukes still produces the game, so I'm expecting the same game with functioning online features.
  14. To be honest with you, without the old WWE gaming crew, and just 2K trying to make the game, they would have had to start from scratch. I know how people complain how THQ made the game, but do you honestly think that 2K could have done better without the old crew?
  15. They might add a pause feature if it comes out for PS4, that's revolutionary :damnn:
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  16. 2K is a sister brand of Rockstar. I expect this to be the best wwe game.... EVER! :angry:
  17. Also... Yuke's is still on bored so if all fails it will just be the same as wwe13 but with better presentation. I expect it to be great though.
  18. I do, actually.
  19. No they wouldn't. They bought rights to the games engine along with all rights to the WWE Games IP.
  20. I hope they give it the upgrade we all deserve. 2k does an awesome job with sports games, i expect a huge upgrade in styles/in ring moves, with that weird 2k style of graphics.
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