So... 6 years later we're still rockin' the spinner belt?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. That belt has not spun in years. Why hasn't someone redesigned it yet?
  2. The belt still spins? :/
    They just don't spin it.
  3. It doesn't spin anymore they locked it after No Mercy 2007.

    has become the WWE Championship's primary design since April 11, 2005, although, since No Mercy 2007, the centerpiece no longer spins.

    It's still there because kids buy it.
  4. Vince hates us and loves kids
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Cena and Punk are trying backstage continuously to get it changed.
  7. I'm curious why Punk didn't get rid of that belt like he said he would back in July last year. It was the perfect time to ditch it but he came back wearing it anyway and it's still here.
  8. on CM Punk's youtube channel (might be fake though) he posted 2 videos of 2 new titles
  9. I don't think Punk has a youtube, I know he said he doesn't own one on twitter.
  10. He doesn't, but he's said in multiple interviews him and John Cena are busting their asses off backstage to get it changed. Just because Punk is champion it doesn't make it his choice people.
  11. You'd think the two biggest draws would be able to get something done though wouldn't you?
  12. Well Punk isn't a draw at the moment (if you look at figures) but I see your point, but overall they're not in charge and don't have say over things like that. Punk and John have both said they're trying to get it changed. Not sure why WWE won't change it yet, everyone knows it's incredibly ugly.
  13. Don't Punk's mic segments draw? Not to mention he's selling a stupid amount of merch. It's time like this people like Hogan come in handy, he would have cried until the belt was changed.
  14. Talking viewerships, he tends to not draw as much as he should in the main event anyway. Not sure on his mic segments, probably do. I blame booking though. There's no doubt he was the biggest draw with Cena in the summer, god knows how many times I see "I started watching again because of Punk".

    But yeah his merch is doing insanely well. And I agree, I'm hoping they're just in the middle of designing one, or they'll reveal it after Wrestlemania perhaps.
  15. They've got an easy way to write it in aswell. With Jericho's end of the world as you know it gimmick, and the world title being a symbol of the world.
  16. I like it, it looks cool, big and nice.
    No anger from my side if they keeping it.
  17. Quite a rare opinion but fair enough. I think they missed their period where they could of changed it, immediately after Punk won they should have.
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