So about Matt Morgan last night (potential spoiler)

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  1. After he attacked Jeff during his match with Aries it seems they're building him as Jeff's next challenger. Hopefully this is the moment he takes the title, have Jeff retain the match after the ref Dqs Morgan in the first before he takes the belt cleanly in their second PPV, I'm unsure of the names currently but one thing is certain Matt looked like a million bucks out there even in his short moment IMO.

    So how would you book Matt towards the world title or don't you think he's even getting the push?
  2. Just rehash the last time this match happened... Fail
  3. Morgan was face, Hardy was heel. That could NEVER work.

    Anyway, this will be (I think) Hardy or Bully vs. Matt Morgan at Slammiversary.

    There's no PPVs in between @"Uncle Zeb" . Slammy then BFG.
  4. Aren't there One Night only specials in there aswell though, I suppose it could fit in there. I'm not sure I want Bully in there tbh, Morgan should be in a singles feud for the strap IMO, say Bully jobs to Hardy at Lockdown, Morgan beats Bully to become the No 1 Contender and it's done that way. I really like Bully but Morgan has so much potential to be solidified here IMO.
  5. The one night specials are pre taped and they have already done a set.
  6. :goatface: have they been posted?
  7. One Night Only's aren't storyline driven PPV, they are just meant to be to showcase the pure wrestling and revisit the history of TNA. The "real" PPVs are Genesis, Lockdown, Slammy and BFG.
    Nothing else counts.

    They will air first Friday of non-PPV months - April, May, July, August, September, November and December.

    In April Aries vs. Joe main events the PPV special.
    In May 12 Man Gauntlet for 100k of cash main events the PPV.

    The others haven't been taped yet.
  8. Well, you know, since I want Bully to take the strap and turn heel at Lockdown somehow this made me less optimistic. But now I'm starting to think Bully just jobs and we have Hardy vs Morgan later on.
  9. Putting Morgan in that title picture would be great as he deserves it and he hasn't been there much. I was disappointed when he had team up with joey Ryan and I said "There you go" and then he just got lost. Last week I wondered where was he and he refused Sting and this week, he attacked to the champ. Wonder if he will be in title picture or will he just continue random attacks for some time.
  10. +1

    Since he attacked the Lockdown main eventers, I assume he will be the challenger for the title at Slammiversary in 3 months.
  11. Matt looks da badass:

  12. The beard makes him look seriously badass.
  13. When did Matt Morgan steal Kimbo Slice's beard?
  14. He fought him for it, Kimbo hasn't been seen since.
  15. His hair in front bothers me a bit. He should be somewhat bald, like a REALLY short hair. #LegitBadassLooksThatWay
  16. Looks like Tyson Kidd's old hair style found a new home to me.
  17. That must have been a big jump up for it.
  18. :awyeah:

    Now I why it bothers me.
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