Discussion in 'Sports' started by leojay, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Sold the best seats this year because they're really expensive (300 a year per seat, we have three) and our team has been sucking for four years and seemed to be getting worse as our best players were drafted to other teams.

    Now we're number 2 on the ladder and almost a shoe in to make the grand final :upset:

    Anyone share a similar feel? Anyone know what AFL is? I'm guessing not you eurofags and ameri****s. :finger:
  2. Arena Football League? :haha:
  3. Arena Football League? Well the New Orleans Saints were close to leaving New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and we have one of the worst historys ever, so I understand where you are coming from a little. Best thing to do is just keep supporting your team and not to be those douche bags who leave their teams over a simple reason like that. Things will get better with time.
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