So AJ?

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  1. That distraction mean that we are getting DZ/Big E vs Team Hell No? If so man that must make Ziggler wonder what the hell he has to do to impress creative and get this briefcase cashed.
  2. Well, I assume you're watching Raw now so don't continue reading if you're not finished, but I'm pretty sure the challenge to the match at WM and said challenge being accepted in an argument between all of them is a pretty good confirmation.
  3. I'll mark if Daniel Bryan tells Aj to "shut up" at Mania :yay: :bitw:
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  4. I have a suspicion that AJ is going to turn on Dolph at WM just like she turned on Cena at TLC. She might be going down the "crazy chick" route like she did over the summer during the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan feud. That's just a thought I had.
  5. A screw by AJ excuse the pun may well be a possibility. Frees up DZ to attack the title scene proper or just have him in a tag team with Big E. An yeah jus watching Leo but not massively as its pretty naf so cheers for the answer.
  6. AJ i going to screw hell no out of the titles most likely. Getting them off Bryan and Kane which allows them to move on.
  7. I actually see her getting back with DB for some reason but after they lose at mania.
  8. Yeah I could see her doing that. I've thought of her going with Kane too but due to recent events it seems more likely that she could go back to DB again.
  9. Well , actually is AJ hometown , even as a heel , she will get a huge ovation.
    I can see a twener turn happening.
  10. What if there is an added stipulation? Winner gets the belts, loser gets the Briefcase? So then we see D-bry Vs Kane for the MITB?
  11. So the briefcase that allows you to win the world title at any time goes to the loser and the prestigious tag titles take its place? :sad:
  12. Well if they did do that, it'd be a way to set up one of Team Hell no for a Title shot and Put the Tag belts on Langston and Ziggler for abit.

    Not saying they'll do it, but it'd be interesting to see if they did.
  13. Well at least she's not part of a main storyline anymore. Though a lot of the focus being on her rather than Ziggler is still really fucking annoying.
  14. But Ziggler should get the WHC, not a man who should be retired in Kane and a guy who has to get his character tweaked before he can get a credible WHC run in DB. And it wouldn't make sense.
  15. Well, the way I see it happening is Big E and Ziggler lose WM and Dolph becomes WHC.

    So why put them in a match, when you have other good tag teams. Like Rhodes Scholars or Prime Time Players.