So are the bad graphics gone?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. I am sure some of you noticed last week that they had some horrible graphics being thrown around during promos. I just now went back to look at the Uso promo from last week and holy crap is that BAD! Are they trying to be a cheesy YouTube video or something? I get testing the waters but come on...

    They basically put these two behind bars which makes this even worse. It is like whoever thought of this is THAT out of touch. There were others as well with words and stuff. Just can't be bothered to find them. I believe they happened on both shows last week.

    I didn't see any this week, though I didn't watch the full shows. Are they gone now? Did any of you even like them?

    Just bring back the pyrotechnics already...
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  2. There were no silly graphics like that this week, although there was text graphics during pre-recorded promos.
  3. I find the annoying selfie stick type interviews far more annoying
  4. I think its a case of "throwing stuff at the wall" & seeing what sticks...

    Honestly...I'd rather they put an effort into the stories they are trying
    to tell than waste time & money on stupid graphics... saying that...if every time Becky Lynch made a pun
    & a little pun graphic came up on the screen I'd be loving that...

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  5. I noticed that, and I agree with this post...
    I think this is a response to the memes that keep getting shared around the internet. WWE wants full control over how they're portrayed. Not how the users photoshop and use them.
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  6. If that is the case, LOL @ WWEEEEE!

    I still think it is them trying to appeal to people who enjoy Youtube. They need to stop. Hopefully they see that it flopped and will never try it again. It was almost as bad as those cheesy Bray bug graphics they were using when he faced Orton.
  7. Yes & No. Yes, that's part of it, but no, 90% of the time yt vids are used to make gifs so at the end of the day it gets made as a meme.
  8. I can't imagine Vince caring that much about memes but at this point, who knows.
  9. Vince doesn't care about Smackdown's success, so Vince says "do what you want" to Shane and Bryan or whoever runs production. I know this much; they want to turn every promo into a meme as part of their marketing.

    The first thing I said in the back of my head was "wtf? Trying to go for memes, eh?"
  10. I think I was the only person in the world who liked those bug & maggot graphics...
    I mean it was stupid...but this is wrestling...isn't it meant to be stupid & theatrical?
  11. No, you not the only one. I too thought that was a creative design choice.
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  12. They really look cheap. The good part is that WWE are trying something different with this and the pre-recorder promos.
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  13. I agree...the WWE should be trying new & different
    "things" to see what works & what doesn't.

    Throw it all at the wall & see what sticks.