So, are they unifying the titles?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Rhodes (IC Champion) is feuding with Santino (US Champion), are they finally going to unify these titles and give the honour to Cody Rhodes?
  2. Maybe it's only a Champion vs. Champion feud. :pity:
  3. God I hope so. It would give the title more cred since with less titles it would allow for longer feuds and more focus for the ones that exist.
  4. Honor* :true:
  5. I think so, Crayo. But I hope Santino gets that honor.
    They've already wasted too much of Cody Rhodes' time, get this guy ready for the main event already!
  6. Honour*

    You're welcome.

    I, like you, desperately want Rhodes in the main-event but he's still so young so he has plenty of time. Unifying the titles is a very good way of legitimising that title again. He can still be the unified IC title holder and be in the main-event of segments. I think it's a waste personally to give it to Santino.
  7. Especially if we want the title to mean something. Sure Santino has defended his title multiple times since getting it but it still doesn't mean anything. Santino is to much a comedy character to give it cred. When Ryder and Ziggler feuded over it it wasn't a problem that Ryder is more jokerish then Dolph since Ryder still showed a serious side of himself and that made the title worth something to see these two guys fued over it so seriously. Santino cannot keep up a serious feud which is needed to give a title worth and cred.
  8. I lol'd @ calling what they are doing feuding. They are random add ins in the Punk/Bryan tag match and then have a match on SD. Pathetic that that qualifies as a 'feud' in WWE at the moment.
  9. Sad state of affairs indeed but it's a good thing that they're finally uinifying imo (if they are actually doing that).
  10. What all feuds do we have right now on the main shows?

    Cena vs Ace
    Brock vs Triple H
    I guess Cesaro vs :tagteammatch:
    Sheamus vs Orton (The only one involving two wrestlers)

    That's it, isn't it? And there aren't any other storylines other than the Show firing and Daniel Bryan and AJ, or am I forgetting some? (Brodus Clay being fat and squashing people doesn't count)
  11. You goes is as good as my?

  12. I don't believe they are. We've seen IC Champs feud with US Champs in the past, and I haven't seen any hint of it from WWE that they are going down this path. Unified or not it doesn't really make a difference. WWE doesn't know how to book the mid card, having 1 or 2 mid card belts wouldn't change that fact.
  13. I hope so
  14. Even if they don't build the mid card it helps WWE as a whole. It can open up a space for tag-team titles to be defended at every PPV and have regular segments on RAW. Plus more tag-teams and actually use the midcard talent instead of random midcard gay ass feuds.

    They have to unify imo, there's no point in a champion v champion feud if they're not unifying or have incredibly personal beef with each other. What does Cody gain from feuding with Cobraboy?
  15. You act like WWE does things for a reason. Of course there isn't a point to it, just like 99.9% of everything they book.

    As far as it opening up time for other things.. it's not like WWE gives a lot of time to those belts anyway. We haven't had a real feud for the US Title since Ryder/Dolph. Neither belt is slated to be defended at the next PPV.
  16. But he gets on TV every week and I guess that championship is a reason why (not including Swagger when he held it). Meh, I'm just a hater of the US championship in total so I'll be relieved to see it go, but I'll probably be let down.
  17. You know my thoughts on these belts, they are meaningless by nature. The WWE/WHC say you are the best this company has to offer, the Tag straps make you the best tag team, and the Divas' make you the best women's wre... Model. What do the IC and US belts symbolize? Best in the world/US? Not if the WWE/WHC mean more... Mid-card champ? Even to casuals, it just means you are the "best of the rest", especially the way WWE's midcard is packaged as a bunch of irrelevant filler. Woo hoo.

    Plus, they give UnCreative yet another crutch so they don't have to actually do their jobs and write storylines. Get rid of them both.

    Maybe I'm just newer and didn't see what the belt can do before, but I don't see what you could do to make that belt relevant. TNA's crowded ass roster doesn't have enough room to spotlight everyone, so the TV Title guaranteeing you a spotlight each week means something. WWE is adamant to keep the NXT/Superstars guys off of TV (unless they are getting squashed) so that doesn't really matter either.

    As for them opening up room for the Tag straps, not really. They have to protect the Night of Champions gimmick so 1 belt is usually left off each PPV.
  18. I don't really mind about them unifying the titles, the US belt is meaningless, so it doesn't really matter whether the title is active or not. Cody holding both belts could be nice. Having the title doesn't mean you'll get TV time or anything, but since WWE doesn't know how to book the midcard, I believe nothing will happen and we'll continue with two belts.
  19. IC TItle + US Title = resurrection of the European title? :shock:
  20. I don't get the hate for the Ic title. Rhodes bought some prestige to it just last year. His feud with Booker made people care. Rhodes holding the belt made people care. It had a nice new look, it's the most attractive belt on the roster. It's so easy to revamp the midcard. I understand the hate for the US Championship title though.
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