So, are you a fan of AJ in this storyline?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Yes, they're booking her perfectly.

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  2. No, this sucks.

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  1. Yes or no. It's one of the great debates in the IWC atm.
  2. Yes, it is booked perfectly, it makes it so that you think Punk could lose (unlike Cena) unfortunately Punk wins anyway but it still keeps the feud fresh.
  3. apart from her chanting yes its great.

    was watching smackdown week or 2 back. before they went to the break bryan and AJ were going back and forward chanting YES.. when they show came back they were still doing it and commentators were like 'this has been going on throughout the commercial break' .. i lol'd.. just thinking about them standing there for like 4 minutes chanting yes over and over again :lol1:
  4. Hell yes, I think AJ's role is spot on, and I think it's great because you can't really work out who she'll side with.
  5. Damn right i am. That ending to raw was amazing. For the first time in ages I actually couldn't predict the outcome to what was happening in a major story.
  6. The storyline is great, really great.
    Her ass is amazing. Last week, the diva battle royal, oh god. :fap:
  7. She's playing the psycho bitch well, it's different and that can never be a bad thing for me.
  8. She is doing a stand out job and Creative and Vince are apparently very high on her because of it. Expect some kind of pay off for her once this angle is done.
  9. Well, she plays her role very well, that's a fact. I voted yes not for her performance, but because it's something different. It adds a different spin to the storyline with the crazy chick in the middle doing whatever comes to her mind. I'm still pretty sure there will be a :russo: swerve and she will give Bryan the title, but things are more unpredictable than usually, I didn't see the table spot coming at the end of the show. The only downside is that we get way too much AJ on screen, which gets sort of saturated. But if you ignore that it's cool.
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  10. Yes, because it gives the WWE matchup some kind of sick twist. It's a good thing WWE made the leap of faith! :]]
  11. I also think it's perfect atm. I'm super glad I'm not alone.
  13. Lmao that's the one thing I hate too.
  14. I've been thinking about this storyline while at work today, does anybody else think we might see a twist that none of us though off (well not until now hah), with what went on at SD with Cole etc, the title math at MITB will see a twist, with Cole being introduced into the match, AJ will screw both Punk and DB over to give Cole the title?

    As you can probably tell, I had way too much time on my hands today.

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    no me either :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. COLE BEING CHAMPION.. talk about destroying a company >:O
  16. Too much time on your hands while at work = any crap you can possibly think off, no matter how unrealistic or daft it may be.
  17. Lol god no. That's more of a old TNA style swerve. Not even WWE are that stupid.
  18. Yeah.... I'm just in the minority of people who don't like it, but I've known that the whole time. lol Some of the points here are valid, but the table issue from Raw didn't come as a huge shock to me. I expected her to come out and do something to screw with both Bryan and Punk. (I haven't seen SD yet, so not commenting about it.) I do, however, agree that she does play the role very well and is great with the whole "psycho" aspect of it. She just gets on my nerves, so I don't like all the camera time she's getting lately, and I don't go in for the big dramatic, soap opera-style storylines. That also just gets on my nerves.

    So while I can understand some of the positives, for me overall it's still a negative thing since it makes me want to change the channel. :emoji_slight_smile: Oh, and yeah, her annoying "Yes!" chants..... that, too. lol
  19. Really awkward situation here... I'm tired of matches where the story is the basic "champion vs challenger", and this is something different, but this is the one match that doesn't need it. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan proved at OTL that they were the equals of one another,

    I haven't liked it from the time Punk got involved, just nothing about it really stuck with me. But I've got a few friends with mental issues and remember several more, and the way they are turning a serious issue into storyline fuel is bugging the living hell out of me.
  20. I really like the first point you made: we could really use a storyline like this, with AJ involved, etc. but it's not a random feud: it's Punk vs Bryan. I saw a post on this some weeks ago: this storyline could be wonderfully booked considering their background and chemistry. It should be all about Punk and Bryan, who's better? The two main points should be them, with the storyline having dramatic twists and turns but mainly revolving around those two. Right now, the storyline is more about AJ than anyone else. We have Punk vs Bryan at MITB, one of those awesome, awesome matches, but we're not worried about whether Bryan will make Punk tap or the other way around, we're not thinking about which one's the best man, not thinking about who wants the title more, the question on our minds is: Whose cock does AJ want to suck? Which will pretty much define who walks away with the title. Is it a nice storyline? Yes. Should it be used with other guys instead of Punk and Bryan? For sure.
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