So beautiful

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. The great stuff start at 12 minutes.
  2. if this was cena and sheamus singing you'd hate it :true:
  3. Homeboy just compared Cena and Sheamus to Austin/Rocky

    tempted to neg 5 your ass


    ::Someone points to the Sistine Chapel:: "Man, what a masterpiece"
    >"When I showed you the finger panting my 3 year old did you were hating on it :true: "
    > :dafuq:
  4. I thought this was weird (but still entertaining) at the time considering it was only a week before the big WWF/Alliance showdown at SS 2001.

  5. im just saying that some people forget about the quality of the programming if people they like are doing it. replace those two with cena and sheamus and you realise it's just two guys singing terribly out of tune.
  6. No, it's Rock and Austin making a segment awesome. It's great because they are great, not just because it's people we like. Cena and Sheamus could NEVER make a segment like that watchable because they aren't half as talented as SCSA and Rock.
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