So bored of Rocky promos.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. He needs to find his touch again, they are really boring the crap out of me. During his thank you promo last night I was simply begging for someone to interrupt him, even Cena. Actually, I'd go as far as saying I enjoyed Cena's promo about his shitty year and him losing to The Rock better than The Rock's promo last night. Ironically, CM Punk came in and brought the best out of The Rock during their interaction (which I thought was fantastic).

    I know a couple other users feel the same, but I wanted to bring up this topic to see how many others agree or disagree.
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  2. Taking the title of Punk is great news IMO, his work last night was some of his best for a while. He always works best when he's chasing something.

    But yeah the 'hard times' one at RR and the one on Raw were rather tedious, and they're only gonna get worse when Cena comes in as they've pretty much ran out of material to use against each other. But still, I reckon he'll do better next week, hopefully it's mainly comedy until Punk interrupts or whatever.
  3. Taking the title off Punk re ignited him. Just hope we will see Rock step it up as well.
  4. They need to do a triple threat IMO. Having that dynamic will fuel three way promos and breathe new life into all of them.
  5. Seemed like a Rock promo to me. Didn't mind it at all. CM Punk is more enjoyable now
  6. This is the part I don't quite get it. Punk had a great run with WWE Title. Probably the best one in few years, better than Cena's, Orton's, Triple H's, Batista's and all others. What is the problem with Punk? He had great matches, great promos, great segments. I don't get what Punk did bad during his reign.
  7. The problem - for me at least - and for a lot of others is that he got repetitive. You can be as a good a mic worker as possible, but when you say the same things week in and week out you will get boring and stale. That's the problem with long reigns, eventually you will run out of things to do.
  8. Do anything for 465 days straight and it gets boring. Hopefully that makes sense.
  9. Happy to see someone agrees with me. I nearly fell asleep during Rock's promo last night. Expected his reign to at least get some nice pops from the crowd and good promos, not even that.
  10. Crayo you suck Rock promos are awesome and he is the WWE champion deal with it
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  11. [​IMG]

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  12. BLFFL's :pipebomb:

    Anyways, it was a shitty promo.
    I don't wanna hear about Punks nut's everyday.
  13. The rock = Cena .... Needs a change
  14. The Rock became VERY stale as far as promos. I mean guys like John Cena and CM Punk have surpassed him as far as mic work. I mean, Cena and CM Punk didn't have to use a lot of words to get their point across. While all The Rock does is talk trash for most of the time, and in the end, doesn't even deliver his point. CM Punk owned him with the 'boxing with God' line. Cena owned him with the 'writing on the wrist' stuff. Basically this two guys surpassed The Rock easily.
  15. I wanted punk to retain at the RR, but wasn't a big deal for me that he lost since I'm a big fan of Rock, and I gotta say that Punk's work last night was incredible.

    I gotta agree that he is better and more interesting now.

    Regarding Rock though, he is clearly not delivering the same HQ promos that he used to deliver like 10 years ago,he brings his best only when Punk is there with him.
  16. Yeah, I'm not loving this new Rock. I miss old Rocky :downer:

    Everyone bores me in WWE. Punk is annoying, Cena is Cena and Rock has been really underwhelming. Cesaro and Bryan are alright, but that's about it.
    Even TNA isn't at it's best right now. Probably why I just don't seem to care about Wrestling all that much atm. Shit's gay.
  17. Bryan is booked like a telletubby!
  18. PWG, and New Japan.:ryan1:
  19. Just finished watching the promo from last night's Raw. It wasn't the most exciting or most hilarious promo, but it wasn't all that bad. Punk coming made it a bit better, I guess.
    The segment was decent overall.
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