So, Brock's Rumored Opponent For Mania Has Been Revealed, And It Is...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Dec 3, 2015.

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    Just like so many of us wanted months ago. Of course, this is still only a rumor at this time, so take it with a grain of salt before getting your hopes up.

    411MANIA | Is WWE Considering Kevin Owens vs. Brock Lesnar For WrestleMania?

    Given that Minnesota is all but a lock for Wrestlemania 33, I could have lived with the idea of Lesnar winning the 2017 Royal Rumble and defeating Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship there (or vice versa... Lesnar walking in as champion and then dropping it to Owens in front of the home crowd to really get Owens dat heat), but if they want to book a grudge match between them as early as next year, I'm not gonna complain. Either way, this rivalry has all kinds of potential if they handle it right.
  2. If Lesnar doesn't end up winning the Rumble next month, then I'm perfectly fine with this match happening at Mania.
  3. So, they want to use lesnar to put over a guy who can put himself over? Hahaha the guy that needs put over is Reigns and Dwayne couldn't even do that. I just don't see the sense in lesnar vs Owens. Makes no sense for lesnar to lose to him
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  4. Nobody said Owens would win. Getting a "huge rub" just means you get booked in a position where you come out looking like a bigger star than you were before (in this case, being in a big marquee match with the strongest booked superstar on the roster and maybe doing some damage to him.) That said, an Owens win over Brock would make a ton of sense if they were planning on having KO be the one to dethrone Reigns of the WWE Championship later in 2016, but I don't know if I should have that much faith in their faith in Owens.

    Who else should Brock face? It's not like there's an awful lot of viable options out there for him now that they've blown off the Undertaker/Brock finale six months early. Austin? 99.9% chance he isn't coming back and just as unlikely of a chance that he'd wrestle Brock if he did. Rock? Probably won't be there and would be wrestling HHH if he did. Bryan? Pipe dream, especially with Brock as a babyface now. Reigns/Lesnar II for the title would technically make sense except that Lesnar's reactions would dwarf Reigns' (not the best idea in the world when you're trying like hell to get Reigns over and keep him over), and Reigns/HHH is clearly the direction they're headed in for Reigns.
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  5. I'd love this match, and if WM33 is in MN you can count me in then also. Owens might not need the rub, but the match would bew amazing and that is what matters most, right? He looks strong as hell and is escalated into the main event for however long after. This is a great idea, and a ton better than Lesnar vs Reigns.
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  6. Not saying this match would suck, I am sure it would be great but there are so many other ways to use Brock's limited time frame to push and boost other wrestlers who need it. Fans already like Owens and want to watch his matches. Brock is a sure fire draw to make people tune into a match so why not use him to build someone else up?
  7. Guys, we don't work for the WWE. I couldn't give a damn about how they will put their employees over without Brock. this feud looks amazingly fun, and that's what matters to me.
  8. I'm sure they can do better than that, they're likely going through ideas right now and that's one of them.. We all knew that's an option, but this is WrestleMania.. Have that match at SummerSlam next year.
  9. This seems a bit random to me... Still, the build up would probably be the best thing of the feud. The match would be enjoyable as well most likely, at least in my opinion.
  10. Please no.

    Owens and Lesnar is a complete mismatch. Not to mention Owens is bound to lose. Lesnar was fighting Reigns, Rollins and Undertaker and now he's moving on to a guy Lesnar doesn't need. And in all honesty, Owens doesn't need Lesnar either.
  11. Please.

    I don't care who wins, just let them... idk fight.
  12. I don't think this rumor holds much legitimacy, or pretty much any of there type of articles. You hear guys talk about things being put together and decided literally the last minute.

    But I really would enjoy seeing this match. KO and Brock are 2 of my favorites, and easily 2 of the best on the roster (if not the THE best) so it would make sense for them to have a great match.

    I don't think it would happen though, especially because I believe KO will be heading into WM32 with the Intercontinental Title, and I see it being highly unlikely that they will put Lesnar in an IC title match.

    Im still betting on Lesnar vs Reigns. A lot of people are saying HHH vs Reigns, but that means HHH would either win the WWE title or the Royal Rumble which would be really lame and unlikely. OR they keep the title on Sheamus going into Wrestlemania, which I think isn't going to happen either.

    If Lesnar doesn't win the Royal Rumble to go on to face Reigns, then it'll be Cena, in my opinion.
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  13. Now that's A MATCH, has to be fresh and built properly, is it true? Probably not, but that match looks AWESOME
  14. On the WWE title contrary, great idea, they push Owens at last now that WWE decides to take a risk, he wins the title in an absolute shocker. Then Lesnar returns at the rumble match, the crowd goes insane, he wins, Owens vs. Lesnar at Mania, WWE Title.

    The WWE will get:
    Positives Review for the Royal Rumble after 2 years of Vince dream fuck ups
    Better ratings for this feud and a good shock about for Owens to win the championship (I recommend the last Raw of 2015 this is executed somehow as a plot twist)
    A GOOD Mania main event match for Bork

    Who will win though? Don't Know, Don't care, the fans will just be nuts to see either man win and count Bork's suplexes
  15. lol Like who? Like I briefly went over in my last post, there aren't really many options for who Brock could face at Mania. Outside of Brock/Reigns II, no other match makes more immediate sense than the others for Lesnar to jump into. His beef with Cena is done, his beef with Rollins is done (and Seth is injured anyhow), his beef with Undertaker is done, his beef with Triple H is LONG done, etc.

    Owens would probably end up being to Brock what Wyatt and Rusev were to Cena at the past two Wrestlemanias' where he's built up just so Lesnar can have a strong adversary to defeat and go over, which is fine to me. In the process, Owens truly gets to look like a star and a serious player in ways that not even his three matches with Cena were able to accomplish. Win-win.
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  16. Brock definitely needs to start facing fresh opponents. Definitely don't want to see him ever face Big Show, Triple H, Taker, or Cena again. Was extremely disappointed with his matches with Kofi and Rollins (not including the triple threat at RR). But his matches with Reigns and CM Punk were amazing.

    Theres only a couple old timers that he could have a good feud with now. Like The Rock or Randy Orton. But neither of them are going to be at Mania. Hopefully they don't put him in with Kane or something bogus because it'll be a huge waste of time.

    Kevin Owens is definitely one of the first in line in my opinion of the new breed who should step in the ring with Lesnar, along with Cesaro.
  17. If WWE really wants to push reigns, then having Owens fight Brock makes no sense.

    Reigns vs Brock II would need to happen. The only other opponent I could see helping put over reigns is the rock. And that's about it.

    Owens can be put over. What I'd like to see is Owens vs the rock... Can you
    Imagine how much fun that would be? I would like that even better than Owens vs Brock. I think Owens vs Brock should happen in 2016, but not at mania 32.
  18. According to The Observer and PWinsider, this is all just rumors and isn't being seriously discussed by management at the moment, after all. Shame.
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