Extreme Rules So Chicago haters.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. There was a few doubters here of the Chicago crowd, have they won you over?

    That for me was better than MITB crowd and rivalled Miami on RAW crowd.
  2. Didn't have doubts or anything but they were great. Yes, they did rivaled with the RAW's Miami crowd.
  3. Sorry but nothing will beat that Miami crowd. They basically single handedly gave Daniel Bryan a push.

    Chicago were amazing, but they were nowhere near as good as that Raw crowd. If Miami had been given Extreme Rules the noise would've been scary.
  4. Thread is directed at me. Yes, they were better than expected. The Goldberg chants were the highlight of the night for me crowd-wise.


  5. No it's not, there's been quite a few Chicago doubters on here. But since you were a doubter, :awyeah:

    DB got yes chants at WM which sparked the phase, but that's a group of smarks from all over the world in one place, not really fair. Chicago were so loud with their yes chants, deafening at times, and booing Big Show & Sheamus was gold.
  6. I really liked the crowd. Booing Show, Sheamus, and cheering Ziggler, Rhodes, Bryan... very nice.
  7. @[Thewindyfan] how loud were the Big Show boo's?
  8. Pretty loud but not loud enough like Sheamus. People also turned to cheering him too when he attacked Cody so yeah but Cody was more over with us than Big Show @[Crayo]


    Only reason Miami was a good crowd was because of the Rock being there and it being night after WM.
  9. No, Miami was only good because every smark in the country was there.

    I'm just so glad Sheamus & Show were boo'd.
  10. Trust me when I say this. Smarks barely chant for shit in Chicago. I sat by one and all he did was talk quietly to his friend about how DBryan is over and what he can do next, over analyzing the show. The people who started chants were the ones having the most fun out of it.


    You can say only marks rule smarks drool.
  11. Why hate Chicago?

    It's the best city for wrestling.
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