So, Daniel Bryan is a kayfabe vegan..

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  1. He got health issues, stopped being a vegan, got bashed, etc..

    But why would they keep him vegan in WWE? It's just such a small thing that can be dropped easily?
  2. WWE for some reason thinks it adds to his character. Morons.
  3. :damn:

    Can't understand why.. It's like: ''Triple H wears a baseball cap when he's in the gym..''

    Doesn't matter.
  4. Wait when did he stop being a vegan?
  5. Ages ago, few threads on it. Was too hard finding places to eat and stuff so he just gave up on it, lol.
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    Damn need to stalk him more
  7. He developed soy intolerance and also had problems finding vegan food on the road. So he stopped.
  8. When he turns heel again (inevitable) it can be used to draw heat. I'm vegan so I'm better than you etc.
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    Pussy, he should have just ate those veggie burgers and shit... I wonder how he got his protein actually, he's pretty built sp must have had a lot, nuts and soy milk are all I can think of so far
  10. I think he is still a form of vegetarian, where he can eat fish and chicken. Not sure though.
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    Isn't that the whole premise of being a vegetarian you don't eat meat (sorry if unaware)
  12. Yes but over time there has sprung up tons of versions of it. Which allows people to eat things that aren't beef, pork or mutton (big meats).
  13. Also, there were threads on him being a bit buff because of not getting enough proteins or something..

    Think he doesn't care about being ripped.
  14. DB has seriously scrapped it, he eats all meat now.
  15. In the interview, Bryan reveals he is no longer a vegan because he developed a soy intolerance and without it, it become impossible to get a desirable amount of protein in his diet. Bryan clarified he’s not “eating loads of meat” and eats mostly eggs for protein. You can watch the interview embedded in the video below:

  16. Including Brie her meat. :true:

  17. I believe he is a vegetarian now like Punk. He was going days without eating because a vegan diet is very very strict and hard to find meals on the road.
  18. Yeah, I guess it's an useless trait now, but I guess it won't hurt. Plus, simply saying he stopped being a vegan would feel weird for the casuals I think.
  19. He used it for heat as a heel, now that he's a Tweener/face, I haven't heard them mention it.
  20. If he's eating chicken then he is no vegetarian. If he were only eating fish that would make him a pescatarian
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