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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Aug 18, 2013.

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    When do you think will he get his title back?

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  2. Not in the next upcoming PPV (whatever it is), but I'd say in the one after that.
  3. I would say in the next 2 to 3 ppv's
  4. whenever this triple h vs vince bs is over. lol

  5. Thanks Meltzer.
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  6. :sandow:
  7. uhhh i think they are sort of on the same team again after tonight, no?
  8. I have no idea... Just when the whole "heel hhh" this is done, that is when D-Bry will get the title back.
  9. Now they are. WM vince is picking a guy, triple h is picking a guy, and the winner gets the company

    As for DB. He wins it at survivor series.

    Shit is too predictable.
  10. I reckon it will all culminate at Mania. So yeah, Bryan will get it back at Mania if it was up to me.
  11. I'd say Mania, but I probably haven't thought it through that much. The next 3 PPV's are NOC, Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series if I am correct. Orton and Daniel Bryan main eventing all of those? Not sure. I think Cena might return and be thrown into one of those matches and it will be a triple threat. Just when it looks like Daniel Bryan is about to win, Orton tosses him away and pins for the win.

    NOC - DB/Orton
    HIAC - Cena/Orton
    SS - DB/Cena/Orton
    TLC - DB/Orton (DB wins here)
  12. I'd say one of the thousands of PPVs we'll have in the next few months.

  13. And what of Battleground? :kiss:
  14. I'd say around 2-3 PPV's.
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