So Daniel is stripped of the WWE title again fuck you WWE

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  1. So Daniel is stripped of the WWE title again fuck you WWE :finger:
  2. mcDonalds or KFC?
  3. It is only the first time they offically stripped him of the championship. Last time, Randy Orton did it fair and cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and took the championship away from Daniel Bryan. Plus, it's not like Triple H just took the championship from Daniel Bryan for no reason, Scott Armstrong did an unfair count thus tainting the match, and they didn't just simply hand the championship back to Randy Orton. At least they did it in a fair and proper way.
  4. It's best for business, BLFFL.
  5. Di Canio is best for business
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  6. McDonalds for breakfast food. Their sausage, egg and cheese McMuffins and sausage, egg and cheese biscuits are so fucking good.

    KFC for dinner and supper.
  7. Oh my nigga from Spain... KFC FOR SURE!
  8. Daniel Bryan should be WWE champion and Vince fucking knows it
  9. There's this thing called "Storyline Progression." Bryan being stripped of the belt is "Storyline Progression."
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  10. BLFFL isn't good for business.
    McDonalds is.
  11. Love the spoiler in the title as per BLFFL thread.

    Anyway, Anyone know where I can get the scuba gear in GTA 5?
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  12. Life's a bitch.
  13. K-Mart, so great
  14. They are both crap. Pizza is the best fast food.
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  15. Just picked up some KFC myself. Dat chicken >
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  16. Your signature = :win:
  17. yeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. Daniel Bryan is money and WWE is taking the piss not letting Daniel have his title reign