Spoiler So did they just telegraph the title match finish?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Okay, so Brooke came out with the contract, and before making dick jokes her special stipulation on thie title match was that if Bully loses he joins Sting in "locked out of world title contention" purgatory.

    Come on now. They aren't seriously going to keep Bully Freakin' Ray from fighting for the WHC again, will they? Maybe they're really getting behind their youth movement? Maybe they're blaming him for the terrible ratings lately? Maybe they're going to Russo us and throw out the stipulation the very next week?

    Any way Bully Ray isn't walking away from Hardcore Justice with the belt? What a waste of Sabin's reign...
  2. Maybe Sabin will defeat Ray and Ray will have to be in the same stupid purgatory Sting is, but come on, Bully deserves another title reign in the future, maybe not at Hardcore Justice but maybe at Genesis 2014...
  3. I'm hoping this doesn't happen....

    *Sabin has Bully beat until....
    *Ugly Brooke Hogan comes down with an even more ugly looking wardrobe malfunction....
    *Brooke finally turns heel, costs Sabin the title, and sucks Bully's horse cock in the middle of the ring live on Spike brother, to boost ratings to a gigantic 1.34

    Now that'd be one hell of a telegraphed finish.
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  4. Would mark if those things happened.
  5. Is it bad that I don't care if Bully or Sabin is champ? I'm just ready for AJ/Aries/Roode or SOMEBODY else to take it from them at BFG. The BFG Series is the only thing I can even pretend to care about at this point until TNA gets back on track.
  6. inb4bullywinsitback
  7. Not bad at all, completely understand. One of the main reasons I'm so hyped over Sabin was because it would either hasten the demise of this storyline or give it less TV time. Since he's been an unofficial MEM Member, I can't care about him either.

    Main thing that irritates me is how much of a fluke champ Sabin would turn out being. He wins the belt in a stupid way, talks, wrestles a semi-filler match with Perkins, then gets beaten up in a WWE tag match, then loses the title back to Bully. What a load. If they want to have Bully win clean in a competitive match because they don't think Sabin should main event BFG, I get it. If they have Brooke turn heel and throw something in the ring, this company can go find Abyss' old buddy Janice and... you get it.

    But thinking about it, it's a certainty Hogan's getting back in the ring to face Bully at BFG, right? Well then Bully can't have the title for that because of the BFGS (and not putting Hogan in title matches), and the stipulation will advance that feud. And more I think about it the more I see Bully indeed getting locked out since his title reign was ratings poison.
  8. No offense but this sabin reign is shit at best. I know yuo like him but no one can disagree with how bad that title match was, and how pathetic it was for the underdog face to have to cheat to win.

    Bully is going to win, and thank god for that. The shame? He jobs at bfg asap also, and it makes the title look like a game of hot potato
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  9. Kudos for having the balls to disagree but you're right, it is shit.
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  10. horse cock?
  11. I really still can't understand why they gave Sabin the belt in the first place, so Bully winning it back is good for me.
  12. Hoping Sabin retains, turns into a miserable little heel and then loses the title to Magnus @ BFG.
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