So Dixie turned heel? (Merged)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. So Dixie turned heel from what I read on a facebook status today on the recent impact taping can this woman get any lower shes just copied HHH with him turning heel in his corporate role. Dixie get your own gimmick
  2. This is absolutely nothing like Bryan/HHH. You don't watch TNA so you can't comment on it. Now shoo.
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  3. I can agree with that. haha. (but yeah, that Styles promo though >>)
  4. Someone close this please.
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  5. By your statement, im going to assume you never saw/watched anything that would really lead you to that. Her angle with AJ has been going on for over a full year now, so if anything WWE is ripping them off. You can make stupid WWE threads all you want, but if you arent even going to watch the product, you can get in line with all the other TNA haters who watch nothing but feel their opinion means everything.

    :finger: yourself.
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  6. Brock Lesnar is so ugly he needs to be moved away from the mankind because of his ugliness, you ignorant fuck.
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  7. Liked because you said fuck :ksi:
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    Why you think your opinion matters when you don't even give the product a chance is wayyyy beyond me. :gtfo:of this section and never come back.
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  9. GTFO stands for Get The Fuck Out. WHY DID YOU SAY GET THE FUCK OUT OUT?! Anyways, liked your post.
  10. Dixie is just basically copying WWE storylines lol how pathetic

  11. He's not on,why don't you tag an admin who is on?
  12. Thought he was :/

    He always closes BLFFL threads.

    Crayo you may disagree but this thread is stupid, Can you close this?
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    No, not the Sabin heel turn. That was stupid. How do you feel about the Dixie Carter heel turn?

    So far, after one promo, she seems a whole lot more comfortable as a heel. She's doing a nice job throwing people around backstage and being a bitch in the ring... not that getting better performances out of Ditsy is much of an accomplishment.

    The possibilities are endless for this. What storyline ideas can you see coming from this?
    Do you expect this to go well, or expect it to go like... well, a main angle in TNA
    How much does the correlation between this and the HHH/Stephanie stuff bother you? How much of a correlation is there?
    What can they do with this to sell Bound for Glory? How can this make you interested in Bully vs AJ?
    Does this make you more confident that they're getting rid of Hogan? (PLEASE)
    Does this mean the BLFFL thread on the same subject can be closed?

  14. I'm just sick and tired of Dixie Carter on my television screen, heel or face.
  15. Merged Rainman 's thread with this one because it would be a shame to close the thread which actually had some decent content.

    So yeah, on topic please peeps.
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  16. Dixie Carter went from being an awful, horrible, and annoying crybaby babyface.

    Now, she's an annoying bitch that I always though she could be, and she's doing it OK (OK at worst).

    This obviously going to become the major part of TNA for the next 6 months, and I see some positive things coming out of it. One is already there: AJ Styles is back where he belongs - THE TOP.

    Another good thing that could happen in the future is who sides with Dixie and becomes #1 or #2 heel in TNA. I'm thinking she either sides with Bully Ray or she picks Magnus.

    Time will tell, but right now, I see only good things in this, except Hulk Hogan being involved. He'll just be vacuuming the entire story and we all know he doesn't put anyone over. No Hogan!
  17. Test (and Crayo): According October 1, next Tuesday, right before Bound for Glory, Hogan's contract is coming to an end. No idea on if they're going to keep him around.

    Really hope not for obvious reasons, but you know how over the almighty Hulkster is with the live crowds. Could you imagine the heat for Dixie running down Hogan and firing his ass live on Spike TV?
  18. Hogan's ego wouldn't allow that lol.

    That'd be epic though. Fuck Hogan
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  19. Dixie is not a bad person and must be everyones favourite boss but she is such a yes woman, She just lets every idea pass, She is not the person you want running a wrestling company, She has had Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan in her ear who have ran WCW into the ground (not so much Hogan I don't believe). Hopefully TNA wont end up like WCW because that would be shit for me and a lot of users here. Off Topic Note: WCW's later years are hilarious to watch.

    Edit towards BLFFL: Since when was heel authority person a new thing?
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