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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. Sorry if the thread title was a bit misleading. :ambrose2:



  2. Ahh, nevermind...

    It looks like the auction might have been pulled. TMZ got a screen grab of the auction but an eBay search for the ring pulls up nothing and her eBay account page is blank.

    LOLSUNNY. Inb4gettingintoporntogetbackontrack :Roddy:
  3. Sure she can rent her services to Ahmed Johnson:booker2:
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  4. That would be the funniest thing, selling a hall of fame ring like that to a random stranger
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  5. What would be really funny, though, is that who would want to buy that shitty ring anyway?
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  6. People seem to forget Billy Graham did the same. I guess the "health bill" thing is more of an endearing reason - but it's happened before.
  7. Chyna would XD
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  8. :true:
  9. Sunny in her prime was one of the hottest Divas in history. Posters featuring her half-naked in a bikini were even the best-selling merchandise the company had at the time.
  10. Yup, just like I thought. She's prolly about to be erased by the 'E.

  11. Welp she was smart! Got into the Hall of Fame before going to porn so she got the ring
  12. Lol, Sunny's story is slightly entertaining to read about. I wonder if the video is any good :rollins3:
  13. LOL. Found this randomly on some Tumblr page:
  14. Sounds like a pig having an asthma attack.
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