Extreme Rules So everyone thinks the Shield will be title'd up after ER, right?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Is that the common line of thinking? Reigns/Rollins win the tag titles and Ambrose takes down Kofi?

    It is the only thing that makes sense on the surface, but is that the most interesting way WWE could take it? Personally I think it would be better if Hell No overcomes Reigns & Rollins and WWE can build up the fact that they are unstoppable as a trio, but they become mortal when you divide and conquer. After Hell No retains, you can have Reigns/Rollins come down to try and help Amrbose win the belt but instead cost him the match with botched interference.

    They don't lose any of the luster they have as a trio, and if anything it would strengthen their gang mentality. They can also regain any momentum losing the title matches might lose them by getting involved in one of the two main events.

    Just some thoughts. I'm honestly the one person who seems bored with the status quo of the Shield atm, so I think I am just hoping for something a little different from their angle.
  2. That would be interesting if they were still unbeatable as a trio. Since Cena dismantled them single handedly on Monday that allure is kind of gone.
    I'd do it so that Rollins and Reigns win their straps but Ambrose fails, either by botched help or not. This then leads to a growing jealousy in Ambrose which leads to something that has yet been shown in the shield, ego. Ambrose then screws over Rollins and Reigns down the line and goes off on a rampage and unleashes his psychotic gimmick.
  3. Not a fan of that at all. I like The Shield being thought of as the unstoppable outlaws, and even though you say they'd still be unbeaten as a trio, this still makes them look weaker. I personally am hoping the summer angle revolves around Shield, so naturally I want them going into that looking perfect.
  4. That's what I am ready for from the Shield. Not a full scale break up or anything close, but just dissension at this point. I honestly can't stand to see them in anymore random ass 6 mans against 3 guys who have never worked together before, nor will they again. Cutting promos about being for justice. Believe in the Shield. Bleh. My interest was lost long ago. If they just make it so they all have a piece of tin over their shoulder while continuing to do this same shit I am going to be completely unattached to the group 100%.
  5. Yea wouldn't expect you to want anything less.
  6. I figured Team Hell no would have dropped by now. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. I could see hell no winning on some technicality
  7. Yea I never expected anything but Kane vs Bryan at Mania. Probably what should have happened honestly.
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  8. I think The Shield has it really easy to win the tag belts but maybe someone comes out and gets Ambrose out of the ringside or simply Ambrose doesn't goes with them and we can see a clean match and Hell No retains
  9. Looks to me this is the way the WWE is going about it. I''m already starting to see it. Ambrose tapped to Undertaker. He tapped to Bryan too, but the ref's back was turned. Not sure how the Kane/Rollins or Kane/Ambrose matches went since I didn't bother to tune in to Main Event to watch those. And Cena did have Ambrose probably beat this past Monday when it was just the two of them.

    It might make the title matches a little less predictable tomorrow night, and if The Shield fail to bring home all the gold, I'd bet on Team Hell No getting the victory as a way of getting some kind of revenge on The Shield for the punishment they've taken from them going all the way back to December. Kofi only just got involved with them and seems less important and is a transitional champion anyway, so feeding him as a loss to Ambrose seems likely either way.

    I've always said they should remain unbeatable as a trio (and even made a thread about it) as a way of showing how unstoppable they were as a unit, but when they're split into singles matches or maybe even regular tag matches with only two out of three members, they should allowed to look more vulnerable. Any future dissension on their part that might arise from losses should be from that.
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  10. By the looks of rumors surrounding Kane either becoming a politician or them persuading Taker to come back for Summer Slam to fight the shield I'm guessing the Tag Titles are already heading to the shield paving the way for Team Hell No to break up and Kane to do one of the two things I said.
  11. Totally agreed.
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