So, Falcao is trying to become Spanish.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Do you agree with it? He wants to get the necessary stuff to apply for Spanish citizenship or something and then play for the Spanish national team.
  2. Oh God yes!

    He would be held back if he wouldn't have the chance to play for the Spanish squad. No offense to Columbia, though.

    Him shining on the WC/EC.. :gusta:
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  3. he wont be able too will he if he's represented columbia at seniour level ain't that the rules
  4. Just a youth cup in 2005, so it could be done..

    Just like they did with Thiago Motta.
  5. what? He's never played for columbia thought he'd be the first player on the team sheet do you know why?


    just looked on his wiki page hes played 41 times for columbia so he won't qualify
  6. He did play for Columbia. But you were talking about ''senior level''..

    To me, those are Word Cups or European Cups, and he has never played on those tournaments with Columbia. Just a youth tournament in 2005.
  7. He has represented them at senior level Jose.
  8. Wait Jose wasn't in on the joke?
  9. hes played in the south american equivelant to the european cup senior level is the first team
  10. Nope, no results found on that...:idontcare:

    Looks like he can shine in the Spanish squad..
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