So... Flair...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. How are they going to use this champ? :upset:
  2. He'll be used as either a manager or authority figure.

    I am also starting to think that it actually is pretty likely that he'll return (I like to remain a sceptic on returns and such). On Superstars this week they edited him into the white intro effect (the then, now, forever deal) Pretty sure he wasn't in that earlier but I could be wrong.

    I'd take the fact that they are using his image as a sign to him returning.
  3. And the fact he's confirmed for next week isn't he?
  4. Can you have a look into that? I'd like to know? :otunga:
  5. He was in the intro effect from last weeks NXT as well though so that just might be me seeing small details and blowing them out of proportions.
  6. I think he is just speculated.
  7. Ah okay, thanks stop.
  8. I think he will be used as the GM in the beggining.
  9. I'm downloading RAW from 3 weeks ago to see.
  10. I'm pretty sure Flair was already on the intro. Not sure if they changed his place on it but he was there iirc.
  11. Edit: He's in mondays from 22nd October, however it has been massively edited from RAW #1000, I'll look at 15th October.
  12. Edit: He's also in 15th October.

    I'll go back to like, august.
  13. Edit: He's also in 20th August. Safe to say, he's been in for a while.
  14. He's the leader of @TheAcesand8s , he ain't going back to WWE.
  15. Looking forward to his appearance.
  16. Only rumoured. But I also think he'll be there :dawg:
  17. #FLAIR4GM


    *Gets announced as GM*

    *Music Hits*

    *Cuts promo in ring*

    *Blades for no reason*


  18. They're going to use him on CM Punk. Hence the tired old show me respect bit and flair saying to be the man you gotta beat the man.

    That is if WWE is going for predictable this week
  19. WOO




    Can't wait for him to return. Either feuding or managing Ziggler or something sounds good.
  20. flair vs michaels at WM
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