So here's a story all about how...I met the entire TNA Roster

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Acailler, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. So it was a wet, dreary and generally boring day at College (UK Version of College), I was sat in a wonderfully exciting Events' Managers module of a Music Technology B-Tech when all of a sudden the lecturer walks in...quite briskly and says:

    Lecturer: ADAM!
    Me: *Awakens from slumber on desk*...WHAT?
    Lect: You like wrestling, yes?
    Lect: Well...Have you heard of Alex Shane?
    Me: *Hacks into the TINY british wrestling side of my brain...* You mean the british wrestler that never really made it big?
    Lect: Yes, well he's a good mate of mine and in charge of bringing over the TNA tour to the UK ...
    Me:...Mazal Tov?
    Lect: He needs ring crew...what are you doing tomorrow?
    Me:....FUCK ALL, I'M IN!!!

    So, the next day...There I was at the Liverpool Olympia, standing outside with 3 other random guys who, apparently, were THE ring crew when one of the says "Hey, I'm guessing Alex sent you? Don't expect to meet the wrestlers. They hate being spoken to by Marky little fans like you"...

    (Bare in mind I was so excited about the day that I'd put my nWo T-shirt on and had changed my ringtone to the nWo theme)

    We go inside and I see chairs set up and an empty space...

    I think...Shit...please don't tell me I'm about to spend all day setting up the stage, ring, merch etc etc and not meet the wrestlers?

    So, About 5 hours later the ring had been set up (It would later collapse during the show when Rhyno and Samoa Joe were in the ring but on the crew would know), and I'm standing next to it, not noticing what's going on when all of a sudden...

    *WHACK* I hear this allmighty bang next to me on the mat followed by....

    "Jeeesus, that's a tough ring...should be fun tonight guys!! Good job mate!"

    AJ FREAKING STYLES JUST CALLED ME MATE AND IS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME TALKING TO ME....(Yes, I my head....All I could muster to AJ was a simple "Yeah...*gulp*"

    So I'd now met AJ styles...I turned around and what do I see?

    BOOKER T SHARING A BANANA WITH AWESOME KONG (No racist jokes please...although it was funny)

    Fast forward a bit more and I'm standing in the ring (with a crowd of about 3000 scousers staring at me) and all of a sudden an nWo chante breaks about...I thought, that's random? Until I realised it was down to my t-shirt =D

    Ok, fast forward a bit more to a random TV guy saying "Hey, kid...Come and help us film the show, you're going to be helping the stage left camera guy" Stage Left camera guy proceeded to stand me by the camera and say "You're filming the first half, there's the headphones. I'm sure you can work it all out..."

    First half comes and goes, I'd marked that this was happening and was in dreamland but wait...I must skip back to the bit where the crowd were coming in...

    I'm standing side stage when suddenly one techie shouts me to come stand infront of the screens/tron things

    "There's a shadow on that...who's sitting behind it?"

    We both walk over to the back of the screen and it's only KURTH FREAKING ANGLE!

    Neither of us wanted to say anything but I did...I asked him to move...He scowled, pick up his chair and slammed it down at the back of the stage and continued to sit -.-

    I'll list the rest of the [email protected]

    • Samoa Joes Towell boy
    • James Storms Waterboy
    • A 5 minute chat sitting on the stairs backstage with Kong (who's awesome!!!) and Earl Hebner
    • Having a laugh with Hernandez who had just seen Homicide go off with a prostitute (No lie...) ((Hernandez rememberd me 2 years later in Manchester)
    • Asking Doug Williams for a lift home (Because he was going my way)...he refused
    • Seeing Abbys without his mask...although everyone has seen this now (Thanks "Joseph")
    • Became friends with Steve Small...He's a producer for TNA who is now my facebook friend and got a dvd signed by Team 3D for me!
    • Final one, Ask Scott D'Amore "So...who are you?

    If you're still reading, thanks and I'm glad I can finall share this with appreciative people!!!:yes:
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  2. That sounds like a fucking badass night dude! Congratulations!!
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  3. Wow that's an awesome story man, you're lucky. AJ Styles seems like the nicest wrestler on the planet I swear. All I hear is good stories about him. Like one time when a fan used his two free autographs up but wanted Sting, the bodyguardtold him to leave but AJ brought the fan right to Sting's desk and asked if he could sign. Such a nice lad.

    Lol'd at the nwo chants.
  4. Yeah, he seemed pretty decent! I've just found the photos I sent to wrestlezone from the night. Will upload!


    Sorry that these are so big...I'm not sure how to make them smaller!

    Bare in mind this was taken on a shocking phone...4 years ago!






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  5. Awesome! :emoji_slight_smile:) I just applied to be a stage crew in the upcoming WWE show here in the Philippines (thanks @[450splash] and his uncle). I hope this will happen to me too!
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  6. Awesome story! you're a very good writer lol. i thought the story was actually happening to me as i read it!
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  7. Nice story, good read!
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  8. Your Sig makes me laugh...Everytime I see a post from you I have to scroll down before either A. My parents B. My bosses C. The kids at the school I'm based or D. My other half see it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

  9. Same. It's really annoying, my Mum comes in my room all the time.

    If she catches me I'll just pretend Jose is a convicted pervert.
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  10. Pretend?
  11. So, basicaly you sayin that I have to remove it?


    Make a thread + poll.
  12. :sad: Just make it smaller :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. Maybeh I will..


    Maybeh I won't..
  14. Your Velvet/Vickie sig is about the same size bro..
  15. When you read the first bit of the thread title, your brain automatically reacts with "about how my life got flipped up upside down".
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  16. You missed the point :upset:
  17. It's right:

    here .
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  18. Cool story bro just some of this seems really unrealistic...Like them getting you to film. I doubt they'd give someone who just helps assemble the ring a few thousand dollar camera to record the show and they don't even know if you know how to use it.....

    I believe some of these things but other things I don't.

    Anyway nice read, Thanks for that :emoji_slight_smile:

  19. YES LOL:obama::obama::obama::obama:
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