So, he's back.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Punk is back, the heel turn I called earlier in the night, I thought it was a long shot but tbh he wasn't drawing and WWE have huge faith in him (rightly so) so this is brilliant. Great ending tbh.

    Anyway, does this revamp your interest in Punk?
  2. I love heel punk but i wanted cena to win
  3. We'll see what happens. My interest in Punk certainly couldn't have dipped any lower, so yea, I'd say it will raise my interest at least somewhat.
  4. This will be interesting.
  5. IMO Punk's reign hasn't been nearly as bad as people say it has around here (I was guilty of doing the same). We got feuds with Jericho, Bryan, Ziggler, Cena (good feud) and now it looks like we'll eventually get Rock.

    But heel Punk means we'll see some enjoyable mic segments again.
  6. He's basically gonna be tweener again. The males will still cheer him no matter what he does, he's gained some pretty die-hard fans over the years.

    This is the most credible heel we will have had for years, fantastic decision.

    And, despite his shitness in the last 6 months I can claim to still marking out for him throughout.
  7. Absolutely. This was WWE hitting the reset button after completely botching the original Punk character.

    As Albin just said, we have a credible heel now. Something we've needed.
  8. No interest at all untill he loses the title and gets a long feud with someone.
  9. It was great. I marked.
  10. I love CM Punk heel and face! Glad he turned heel again though because he was really stale lately.
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  11. I thought this was a thread about The Undertaker :cry:
  12. Let's be honest, as much as I love Taker he's just a fat bald guy wearing mascara these days :sad:
  13. His hair reminds me of :boss:

  14. he loses clean and i get back on board. Still stale.
  15. Main thing he needs to do is establish some kind of heel character tbh
  16. Will it be punk and show vs cena and rock at summer slam?
  17. He's just much more natural as a heel, in my opinion. And by turning heel while still holding the WWE Title, this just extended his reign as champ a bit. I expect he will hold it till the Rumble next year (Rock wins it, then loses it to Cena at WM29), and thus be the longest WWE Champion since Hulk Hogan in the 80's (1984-1988.) That'd be awesome.
  18. I think it'll be good. Now we got more heel champions, and heel Punk is always more interesting. Take a look at his old ROH heel stuff, it's funny and entertaining as hell.
  19. What's been so bad about Punk as a face? Not as good as his heel character, obviously, but not bad a swell.
  20. That he turned into a shell of his old face character. He was Cena in a smaller form, something he himself said he hated.
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