So... Hogan vs Sting

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  1. Why TNA why? I'm interested to know what the TNA marks here think about this inevitable feud.
  2. I'm hoping it's not going to get to a PPV match and in the end they'll be all "sorry brother I love you A&8s made us fight let's beat them up now".
  3. I'm hoping its a wheelchair on a pole match... To win you have to wait for your opponents hip to snap when they walk than wheelchair their ass to retirement!

    This is the reason as well as poor quality stuff that I stopped watching impact a while ago
  4. tired of seeing these two since WCW days, Hogan hulking up like a crazed old man, sting screaming like a bitch, just have Bad influence feud against Aries & Roode :facepalm1:
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  5. I had a strong feeling this feud would happen, even made a thread about it (cba looking for it though).
    Not a fan of this at all. If I wanted to see two grandpas wrestling I'd.... *insert something clever here*.
  6. Unfortunately its nostalgic and people will want to see it and its likely to end up at a PPV imo.
  7. Hogan can barely move..
  8. What "inevitable feud"? They're already feuding.

    But that isn't gonna lead to any match. Face Hogan vs Face Sting? :haha: They for sure suckered everybody in if you all think they'll have a match.

    Anyway, their confrontation was great, only a few guys in the entire business can pull it off that well.
  9. It sucked testify.
  10. Sting and Hogan's segment was awesome. Deliver his vigour and passion, with both characters motivations perfectly clear. Sting wants Bully because he was duped and Hogan is angry at Sting because it's Sting's fault that Hogan went against his better judgement and trusted Bully. Both guys were believable, Hulk reigned in some of the nonsense that can come with his promos and the crowd was with them all the way. Great stuff all around.
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  11. ?

    Just because it's 2013 and they're Hogan and Sting doesn't mean it's automatically bad. I rest my case on why it was greatly delivered face-off and I stand by it - it was a great confrontation.

    And I can guarantee they won't a have another match, so make out of this what you want.
  12. Call me a blind optimist here, but I'm intrigued. Not by what they did. but by the little package after it... ya know, Morgan clinching his fists and calling Sting "yet another mistake"... If this is just giving Morgan a reason to take out Sting (and making everything feel more real so it'll have more impact) that's fantastic.

    If it's going to be a legit Hogan/Sting feud, you know where I stand on that by now.
  13. Just watched the confrontation, and I must admit it was hard not to mark. Hulk and Sting were great. Youngsters could learn a thing or two on how to cut a promo from these guys, even at their current age they're better than most.
    Still though, I would not want to watch a match between the two :eww:
  14. The segment itself was good (delivery). The possible storyline and all the rest, not that much. But yeah, Sting/Morgan sounds great.
  15. Is Hogan not dead yet?

    Seriously though, I have no interest in seeing these two go at it again.
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  16. you're not the only one who has no interest seeing those two going at in again
  17. I'm guessing there will be some twist. Like Matt Morgan getting involved or possibly Hulk and Sting teaming up, maybe they're doing this feud to try and "fool" A8s or some shit. Who knows. I don't.
  18. yeah.. probably Morgan will be involved, having a match with sting while hogan is in sting's corner
  19. It might be cool if Morgan is involved as it can give him a decent rub being involved with those two. The guy needs to be the top breakout star this year.
  20. If Sting vs Morgan happens, there's a huge possibility he'll get buried by Sting.
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