So Hogan wants out now lol

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. So Hogan wants out of TNA now lol his contract expires in October and it sounds like he wont be re signing as TNA cant afford to pay him more this just shows TNA is dead. Dixie just close down your company
  2. Hopefully he'll return to WWE and make a sex tape with Paige.:hogan:
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  3. Have you ever heard of punctuation?
  4. He made a KK sex tape brother, Watched it today brother. Pretty good brother. :hogan:
  5. And your source is what? Lol. Really doe.
  6. Brock Lesnar, Paige and Barbie Blank are all ugly motherfuckers.
    Hulk Hogan > Them
  7. Hogan gave up on wrestling after reading threads made by BLFFL.
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  8. Hulkamania is going to fight triple H for control of WWE at wrestlemania brother. :hogan: :pity2:
  9. We want you out now lol
  10. I'd get a second mortgage on my house to pay for that brother!
  11. Hogan had sex with your mother, BLFFL.
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  12. I'd love to see Hogan gone. Please, yes, TNA, make this happen. I'm not sure how the lack of Hogan equates to a dead promotion, but whatever. Just get rid of him already.
  13. If this is remotely true, I'd be thrilled if Hogan left. He's lackluster at best and I can't wait for his segments to be over when he does show up on TNA. If they get rid of Hogan, they'd be saving a lot of money and could focus on keeping their talent around.

  14. Well, WWE doesn't have Hulk, and we see how their product is suffering from the "Lack of Hogan".


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  15. Hopefully they have learned their lesson, brother. :hogan:
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  16. OH NO HOGAN!? Shut the doors, it's over.
  17. So Hogan's contract expires beginnng of October and from what was shown on this weeks TNA impact show they are setting up some feud with Dixie for his exit I can bet any money Hogan will be at Wrestlemania 30 and back in WWE. Dixie its game over your biggest star is leaving and your company is finished

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