So how does Barcelona recover?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 5, 2013.

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  1. If the CL this season is anything to go by, it's that Barcelona are definitely not the force they once were. They're not the team that would turn up to the Bernabau as overwhelming favourites and demolish them 5-1, or the team to dominant recent CL history, or the team that was labelled the greatest side of all time. It's more or less proven that without Messi they are a LOT worse. Whilst that is obvious - as he's potentially the GOAT - it's still somewhat a problem. How would you address the Barcelona issue? My theories are below.

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    Personally, I think they need to reinvest in wingers. Villa is not a winger, and Alexis is a poor one - or is certainly not up to par currently anyway. Players like Bale, Neymar (who I think will go there this summer) and James Rodrigieuz can certainly help them offensively. It takes the load off Messi, and gives them other options.

    There is still one huge issue though, and it's their size. On more than a few occasions the height of the team leaves them so open from set plays, and they're constantly conceding crappy goals. Their goalkeeper is horrible, but that in itself is no excuse. Their rivals however have addressed this. Real Madrid are underrated in terms of how good their football sometimes is, but they have no such issues with set pieces. They aren't a team of midgets, but are comfortable playing with the ball. You do not have to be small to be excellent in possession. Sergio Busquets doesn't give them enough defensive cover imo, and while he is one of the best passers of the ball in world football, he definitely isn't the raw CDM they need.

    They've also made famous the 4-3-3 system with the triangular midfield. One CDM (Sergio), and two creative passing CM's (Iniesta, Xavi). This should and could change for games it needs to. If you're at home, then sure, go full out attacking with this 4-3-3 style that has served you well. But against bigger teams, or teams that are seriously just going to park the bus, perhaps play the 4-2-3-1 system. It allows you to still have a very attacking front four (let's say Neymar, Messi, Iniesta, and Alexis) while still having good defensive cover (a deeper Xavi, Sergio, or perhaps Sergio + a new CM acquisition [Wilshere would be perfect, lol]). There is a reason why this formation is increasingly popular.

    Some have complained about a lack of a plan B, and I agree, but I don't necessarily agree with the "let's buy a big man" philosophy, as that has failed in the past with them. Barcelona don't cross the ball often, so having a big guy for the crosses makes no sense. But a big guy like Lewandowski, who is excellent ON the ball, could be the answer. You could put Messi a bit deeper and have Lewandowski play off him, but this works only with the 4-2-3-1 formation. If you used this with the 4-3-3 system, you would have to sacrifice a winger, or put Messi wide (stupid mistake).
  2. New coach?
  3. What's wrong with Tito?
  4. I suppose it could be argued he's too far invested in the Barca philosophy to offer the plan b, I don't agree with it personally but I can see the case being made.
  5. Same could be said for Pep though. He was known never to change the style, but it was him who managed the "greatest club ever". I don't think the philosophy in itself is the problem here, as Spain internationally continue to dominate.
  6. One thing that 's always been bothering me is the fact that when any high profile club is subject to a series of bad results the responsible is always the coach except for Barcelona i mean the same night Madrid is eliminated Mourinho is announced leaving but when Barca is eliminated nobody blames the Tito ,Barca needs a real coach one who can actually adapt to situations and change his gameplan not just rely on his players to do the work.
  7. What does Tito do different to Guardiola? Guardiola is seen by most as the greatest manager out there atm, or one of them. The one thing I can criticize Tito about is the lack of change. It's the same squad who have dominated previously; all good teams need to build to continue success. Though I think we'll see that this summer.
  8. Pep wasn't really worked out though so he wasn't tested if that makes sense, if Pep had stayed this season and the scenario occured where he needed to change it would he have been able to?

    Off topic but did you see the Doctor go to the GOAT county yesterday?
  9. I understand the logic, but to say he wasn't tested is wrong imo. Winning any CL is a test, and same goes for La Liga. Especially when your mega-rich rivals is managed by arguably the best manager in the world. Whilst Barca already had a passing philosophy, Pep was the one to really focus on that, and ultimately is one of the biggest factors to their success. I guess he didn't have to face this curernt problem, but would he have let himself get into that problem by not reinvesting? Who knows, but I don't fear Barca's squad any more. I'd rather Nani than Sanchez, Pedro is horse crap, if you stop Messi then who scores? Stopping Messi is inevitably becoming more popular. No top player remains invincible forever, eventually you're figured out. This season, Ronaldo is the BITW for me.

    And no I ain't watched Doctor Who yet, if that's what you're talking about lol.
  10. When you're losing 2 then 3-0 away and you have the return match at home you don't wait till the 83 minute to make your first substitution :gusta:
  11. So, let's fire him... Let's ignore the fact he has dominated the league this year.

    Damn that logic is so flawed.
  12. Th
    That's my point Barca had an absolutely amazing 1st part of the season but when things start to get a little bit more complicated that's when you recognize a good coach one that can actually change his plans and use his squad correctly and not just rely on his players to win every match by themselves (while i am well aware of his health issues and respect what he's done for the club Tito has never been the right man for the job in my eyes)
  13. What could Tito have done? IIRC they were still in good shape after January. A good team utilizes stability, and Barcelona would never fire someone for a bad second half to a season. That's something you should be proud of. Teams like Chelsea and Real Madrid need to learn that.
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  14. Potion/revive/Pokemon center.
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  15. I do not get to choose who stays or not i am just saying the club will eventually realise that they can't just put anyone in charge of the team Guardiola then his assistant than his own assistant
  16. They need to freshen up. Madrid did it when they got rid of the Galacticos. Juve did it when they went down. Manchester Utd do it every couple of years. The mark of a great team is reinventing yourself when you become stale.
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  17. Barca = John Cena? They need a heel turn so must play like Stoke.
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  18. Spend lots of money like RM does in Fifa 13 career mode
  19. 4-0 and 3-0 possibly?
  20. Oh a team lost twice, let's replace the manager.
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