So how long before we get the ultimate crap on RAW.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Sheamus is currently getting his HHH push on SmackDown, how long before he comes over to RAW, buries the heels and becomes WWE champion?
  2. Fellah!!! I hope noy

  3. Hopefully never :urm: unless he's a heel.
  4. I'd say around this winter. Or after WM 29.
  5. Who, Sheamus? I don't see that happening at all. Not anytime soon anyway.
  6. Please not :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Aren't you supposed to be the optimistic one?
  8. When it fits him, whenever Sheamus, Show or a few others a mentioned he turns into the love baby of you and Rainman.
  9. Crayo wishes he were the love baby of myself and Rain
  10. Hopefully never...I don't care for him whatsoever.
  11. I hope it takes a while, and I hope HHH notices that Sheamus is awful, shouldn't be getting this push on SD and therefore, it's not the correct decision to have Sheamus bury everyone as the top face on Raw.

  12. :bury: :bury1:

  13. #fantasybooking :dawg:
  14. After WM 29.

    Hopefully he injures himself before then, uses unprescribed painkillers to heal, then gets caught on the wellness policy, in the meantime getting him completely depushed and hopefully never to be seen in the ME again.

    If only.
  15. To be fair for those of us who regularly watch Smackdown this wouldn't be terrible news. It wasn't until Rain pointed it out a couple of days ago that I noticed how good Smackdown's roster could be without Sheamus.

    I mean currently, these are the guys involved in Smackdown fueds.


    Barrett(soon hopefully!)
    The Miz
    Alberto Del Rio
    Daniel Bryan (possibly)
    Mark Henry

    With Miz or Del Rio possibly turning to counteract the lack of faces.

    I would much rather see all of those guys and without Sheamus they would get pushed up the card.

    At least if he pissed off over to Raw that it at least has other things to entertain me. Besides - he won't win the WWE title over the next 12 months +. That's completely between Punk, Rock and Cena as I'm guessing Punk will hold until RR, get beat by Rock to set up either Cena/Rock II at 'Mania or Cena/Rock/Punk. No matter how craptacular Cena/RockII will be at least it won't involve Sheamus.
  16. Lol @ Dolph's. I'm optimistic but I'm not stupid. Sheamus is the eye of HHH's fetish at the moment, so he will be sky rocketing wherever big nose wants him. They want him to replace Cena, so he needs to be on RAW.
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