So, How Long Until We Get Cena/Rusev?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 29, 2014.

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  1. John Cena is currently working with a rising star like Bray Wyatt and aligning himself with other newer stars like the Usos and reportedly wants to work a program with Big E soon as well. So, with Cena doing his best to help elevate other younger talent, how long until we get a feud between Cena and Rusev? Rusev is being pushed as a monster, and with Lana harping on about how great 'Mother Russia' is and how great of a leader Vladimir Putin is, and with Cena being such a staunch supporter of the US troops and military and whatnot, you have to figure a rivalry between the two will likely occur sometime within the next year, if not by the end of this one.

    So, how long will it be before the two cross paths? Maybe as early as Summerslam? They've already got three big main event matches planned for the event (Bryan/Wyatt for the championship, Brock/Cesaro, Reign/HHH) and while these are just the preliminary plans, they all do highlight the newer stars if we assume they take place and having Rusev wrestle Cena would accomplish that as well. Of course, we can probably expect that Cena will be the first to defeat Rusev, but what else is new.
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  2. Well with the apparent start of a Big E/Rusev feud happening now I could see Rusev beating him down and Cena coming to Big E's rescue thus starting a Cena/Rusev feud... it's definitely not out of the question, but I believe they should allow Rusev to at least hold one of the midcard belts before throwing him into matches with top tier talent... right now I don't see that he's worthy of facing anyone any higher than the IC champ or US champ.
  3. Cena's next two feuds are against Sheamus and Big E, according to rumours. I can see Bryan facing Rusev before Cena in a "one and done" at an autumn PPV where he successfully defends the title. I'm so hyped for Cena v Bo, rather than Rusev.

    People saying Rusev is going to be buried after one push are wrong imo. He's got a great in-ring style that fans will love (as soon as his matches are given more time), and Lana is clearly getting over already.

  4. I agree... he is very good in the ring and the most agile big man in wrestling right now.I am looking forward to any feuds he has.
  5. It's very plausible, Big E and Rusev are just starting to go at it although I'm not sure I agree with that feud other than the general size comparison. I can see Big E taking a beating from Rusev after E made him look like a bitch running him out of the ring after coming to Iced-Z's aid.

    Since it's pretty much the Russia v USA angle I would not be surprised one bit if John Cena and him started feuding after Big E and him go at it for a few weeks maybe even up until MITB.
  6. People are going to be sick of Rusev sooner rather than later IMHO.
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  7. Yeah, I guess it's going down. I really think they should have Rusev work some other midcard feuds with full matches before he faces Cena, but yeah, that's not always the way they go so it may be at Summerslam, but I think it shouldn't happen until next year or maybe around Survivor Series/TLC or something.
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  8. Cena will bury Rusev soon enough that is my next prediction that will be right
  9. I don't think they ever will, Cena's not black lolol

    But in serious, I don't think they will outside maybe a random RAW match
  10. Like now?

    After Payback both Cena and The Wyatts ought to need someone new to feud with(it'd be ridiculous to carry their feud any further), so I wouldn't rule out a feud with Cena/Rusev. Not that I'd want to see it or anything, unless Nikki and Lana happen to cross paths during it.
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  12. They will be both be in the MITB match probably, which should be stacked, with Cena, Wyatt, Orton, Cesaro and The Shield all possibly in it.
  13. Samoa Joe says hi, Brock and Lashley too.

    I don't get the Rusev hype in all honesty he just seems to be a generic monster who gets pushed to the top for a while then drops off, like a poor man's Umaga. His gimmick won't have much long term appeal and his ring ability isn't really "OMFG I wanna see this guy" good or anything IMO.

    I don't think he could bury him, even being in the same ring as Cena elevates him compared to beating the Kofi''s and Ryders of this world.
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  14. I think there's a chance they start feuding tonight.
  15. Rusev wont rock more than a year, two max. He will fizzle hard imo. The mouthpiece will get old, the monster run will run down, and he will be the next Khali. Just my opinion, he doesnt really make me say wow outside of the stiff kick to the face.

    I mean, come on. The camel clutch? Generic anti-usa wrestler finisher?
  16. It really feels like Lana will be the one getting a big push out of this more than Rusev will. After Rusev, she could end up managing someone else, or becoming the General Manager (it'd be nice to have a female heel GM/authority figure other than Stephanie for a change), or stepping inside the ring, or whatever else.
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  17. Rusev the next Khali lol. The hate is getting boring. I guarantee once he starts getting proper feuds and lengthy matches, fans will like him.
  18. For some reason I think the only reason he was brought up was to be Cena's next meal.
  19. I doubt it the guy is such a generic 80s heel imo. His athletic ability loses its shock value very quickly and thats all he seems to have in his game. Facial expressions are comical from him as is his screaming thing and his selling when Big E attacked him was meh also for such a "monster" his mystique is pretty nonexistent so far. Just am IMO obviously, what upside do you see him offering?
  20. I think WWE's fall back on Russia v US storyline is running to dry and is killing Rusev's heat as IMO he has a lot of potential to be a monster heel. WWE doesn't know how to handle monster heels anymore.
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