So, how to you think AJ will end up?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Leo C, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. AJ Styles has been booked in an interesting way recently, as if everything he does goes wrong, so to speak. He got pinned at Turning Point, which leads to him not being eligible for a WHC shot until BFG next year, and last night at Final Resolution he was beat by his long time rival Christopher Daniels in their "last" match with his own finishing move, cleanly. Where do you think this is going? Heel turn? Still a face, but a slight character change, with him feuding with other heels throughout the year as a bitter character but no big changes? Overcoming everything by, say, winning the BFG series and the World title next year (if that's possible)? Discuss.
  2. It seems telegraphed the way it's booked that he will win the title at BFG next year. Sort of like thy went to him like "We love you man and you are the shit, but we have such a long line of guys who are legitimate main eventers... do this for us for now, and we'll get you back later"
  3. True, I can see this going as a story where everything goes bad for AJ, who somehow enters the BFG series and is in the last place in the beginning, then he turns it around, wins and then wins the belt at BFG. It'd be nice if he won it from Daniels (overplayed match, ofc, but would make sense).
  4. Things will likely turn around in the near future
  5. Heel turn.
  6. No thank you. He is too beloved and his move set is too mark-friendly to have him wasted wrestling as a heel. It would be TNA's equivalent of WWE trying to turn Rey Mysterio or Jawn See Naw
  7. I don't agree with it either, I can just see it happening.
  8. Wasn't there a rumor (read Meltzer report) circulating on the plan being to turn AJ into a bitter face but not fully turning him?
  9. Yes.
  10. I'd be pretty surprised. I can see them teasing it (as they already have) and having him hit rock bottom, maybe teeter on the edge of turning heel before dusting himself off and getting the title as a super over underdog face at BFG next year

    Hopefully he wins the belt from Roode after Roode picks it up at say Lockdown or so and carries it for another 6+ month reign
  11. Re: RE: So, how to you think AJ will end up?

    Bingo, he's a natural face. At this point I'd say turning AJ heel is similar to Sting turning in WCW, they're both the foundations of the companies face image.
  12. Maybe the X Division for a while? Then after doing well in it they'll put him in the BFG next year and he can win the championship or just have the shot for it at least.
  13. Re: RE: So, how to you think AJ will end up?

    This works, it's an easy story he goes back to were it all started to rediscover his touch.
  14. Heel, new persona (not completely, new finishing moves, new outfit and stuff.

    He'll be a major player in the TNA scene in 2013.
  15. I just can't picture AJ trying to play a heel
  16. IMPACT last night told me he ain't gonna be full blown heel just because people can't hate him. He'll have some kind of an anti-hero, outlaw babyface stuff going on. IMO, it actually fits him.
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