So.. how will you react..

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  1. If Bryan doesn't win?

    4/10 in the butthurt meter for me. I'd be annoyed, but I wouldn't really be surprised.
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  2. Depends on who else wins, really. Will rage if RVD or Sheamus win but other than that no particular reaction.
  3. Depends entirely on who wins and how. If for example it is Orton turning heel I'd likely be okay with it since it opens up his character a lot. And a Orton vs Bryan program down the road doesn't sound that farfetched.

    If it is Sheamus staying Sheamus I'll probably be miffed, then realize that he will be thrown to the Cena burial machine and smile.
  4. I would be surprised if Bryan wins because I think Bob Van Sleep will win.
  5. I actually prefer he doesn't win so 0/10
  6. A solid 8/10. No one else in the match should win this match. Maybe a 5/10 if it's Orton as I'm a fan of his.
  7. I would be prefer shocked. I would mark if Kane or Christian wins. That would be weird but awesome. And well for the rest...Never seen RVD and Orton doesnt need it. Sheamus just meh and Cm Punk would put a good match so I would be fine
  8. Will be fine with it. Bryan can main event anyway, and it'll prevent that Bryan heel turn I'm fearing so much.

    Just depends on who wins. If RVD or Sheamus win I'll be up there with Danielson. Orton I won't rage about at all, Punk I'll mark.
  9. I won't care for two reasons:

    1. Bryan is obviously being geared up for a push of some kind and so he'll just get a title shot (Summerslam or otherwise) some other way. Hell, maybe he challenges the winner to put the briefcase on the line and then he wins it from them. Imagine if Orton won and was challenged by Bryan on Raw to put the case on the line and it increased the tension between those two by having Bryan defeat him for the case. It could also add speculation to Orton turning heel (though I still doubt this is happening). The first time he lost, he shook Bryan's hand. This time, he could simply walk off. And perhaps he forms a team with Sheamus and they fight for the tag titles at Summerslam but he gets frustrated (all steaming from his lost to Bryan twice and losing the case to him) and then walks out on Sheamus and returns later in the night and costs Bryan the title in the main event. Just a thought. To further book it, maybe the recently heel-turned Orton kayfabe injures Bryan with the punt kick and challenges Cena for the belt, which leads to Bryan making his return to exact revenge on Orton. Or maybe Orton wins the title from Cena and then Bryan wins it by taking it from him, and THAT is Bryan's revenge. But that's not very probable considering that'd be borderlining on the new year and I'm certain Cena will have the belt around that time one way or another. I'm taking this too far off-topic, anyway.

    2. It would also depend on who wins the case instead of Bryan. If it's Punk, I'm cool with that. If it's Orton, I'm also cool with that, as I'm also a fan of Orton. If it's anyone else, then fuck that. However, I really only give Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and RVD any chance of winning. Randy Orton maybe, if my first scenario above happens, which I'm fairly certain it won't.
  10. Sheamful?
  11. 10/10 coz i put a tenner on him to win

  12. If it was the WHC MITB match, I could see Sheamus winning it, but there are better options for the All-Stars match. Bryan and Punk are both higher on the totem pole than Sheamus and RVD is making a comeback at least, so they're all more plausible options than Sheamus. My gut tells me the winner will cash in before the end of the year or maybe at Wrestlemania next year at the latest. I don't see Sheamus winning the WWE Title anywhere from now till then and certainly not at Wrestlemania, and I don't see Sheamus winning the case and having an unsuccessful cash in.
  13. 8/10 if he doesn't win the case. That would go up to 10/10 if he isn't set up for a WWE Championship feud on Monday's RAW.
  14. I'll be really upset, probably a 10/10 if Van Dam wins it. A 100/10 if Sheamus and him are the last two and Sheamus wins.
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  15. i dont think he will now as much as i hate it ortons got this
  16. Fucking kill me.
  17. Fuck this shit.
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