So how would you use Sting?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. As the Icon showed on Impact this past Thursday he can still have a great match and is madly over with the crowd. So how would you use him?

    I'd go with Bully vs Sting for Slammy in a no DQ match, AJ still hasn't alligned with anyone yet but he's teased going with the Aces and 8s more and more by turning his back on their beatdowns. Bully and the aces have looked unbeatable up until this point, they've destroyed everything in their path. The Aces hit the ring and attack Sting, Bully has the hammer and is about to lay him out when AJ's music hits, hopefully he has something better than "get ready to fly". He takes the hammer from Ray and hits Sting with it, however he turns and lays out Bully and the aces also, finally he hits the Styles clash and walks out of the arena. Ray crawls over to a cover first and wins the match. It's not perfect admittedly but I kind of wanted to keep AJ as a tweener.
  2. I think the frequency in which he wrestles is good, but seeing him going over young talent cleanly makes me sick :hogan: (This week sort of counts since he had A Double beat).
  3. This.

    I liked him in his GM role tbh, you still got Sting every week, he still got pops, he did what he's best at (talk), he could have easy, meaningful feuds with guys once in a while, but he didn't have to wrestle that much. Perfect.

    But you know where my bias lies, brother.
  4. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing Sting put over Bully at a PPV. He is old and he brings the same thing to the table every time, but guys like Bully, Aries (As he showed putting on a fanfuckingtastic TV match this week) Roode, ect.. these guys are good enough in the ring to bring him to a good match.

    I'm sure it would be a typical Sting looks great and BUlly steals a win type of deal, but going over STing in 2013 still means more than going over the rest of the roster. So to ME Sting putting over Bully in a singles match is a must. Not saying it would be a 5 star classic by any means, but it would make sense to me if that were the ME @ Slammy
  5. Bully is over enough. I'd use Sting for later champions who aren't so over, guys like Morgan, Magnus, and Storm. Put them in an all out battle with Sting in a main event and have them beat him.
    In Storm's case, he'd be a face and they'd show mutual respect after. With Morgan though, I'd have him beat Sting down, but get lots of cheap shots in too whilst the referee isn't watching. This way, the right man wins, and Sting doesn't lose his image.
    If anyone can get us hyped up for a main event, it's the Stinger.
  6. Don't know about Slammiversary, but I'd defo have him put over Magnus at BFG. They go way back (backstage/mentoring), so it'd be dope moment to witness.

    After it, have him backstage in creative or in Gutcheck system/team.
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