So I Googled Crayo

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 28, 2013.


    See what I have circled? That's Xanth's nipple. This is for those users who doubt that we are an item.

    (Google it yourself for proof).
  2. Please ,don't tell me you lick that thing! :ohgod: :lol1:
  3. Ever use his nipple hair as floss? :awyeah:
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  4. Made me wonder if he goes bald would he be able to use his nipple hair as a replacement
  5. :hmm: it's pretty coarse, he'd have a permanent jehri curl.
  6. :haha: crayons & a random nipple!
  7. That's Xanth.
  8. Never doubted it for a second.
  9. Those users don't exist.
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  10. Well stop pursuing me then, I'm clearly a taken man.
  11. What about me? You told me the baby was mine!
  12. I'm straight dog
  13. #ClaireLynchSwerve :steiner:
  14. Whatever helps you sleep.
  15. You fucking whore! :upset:
  16. Title makes me giggle.
  17. Yeah, the title just sounds dirty. :haha:

    What's also great is if you Google it yourself, then you can click to see the page it appears on.


  18. Well yeah, I was acussed of banging Dixie Carter. Hell, I was acussed of having baby with a crackhead. :gusta:
  19. :ksi: I remember that picture. Wonderful.
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