So, I got a little bored during my exam..

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Apr 25, 2012.

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    YES! YES! YES!
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  2. Nice bro, how long did it take to finish?
  3. You'd be so busted if it was a exam with only Yes and No answer questions.
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  4. About an hour lol. Doing the flabby bits were hard :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

  5. :lol1: Outta boy, you're on a role today.
  6. So fucking epic, repping you for this. +10.
  7. Thanks :otunga:
  8. Thanks!:never:
  9. LoL I might get a tat on my Back with 150 Yesses
  10. SQA exam?
  11. Yup, a general computing one..
  12. Mine don't start for another few weeks.
  13. Weird? Are you in fifth or sixth though?
  14. Haha, nice. Last year I used to spend ages trying to do something after finishing tests and never came up with anything. Very nice idea you had there.
  15. Haha! Another concept I came up with was blind darts, draw a dart board on a scrap bit of paper, close your eyes, spin the paper round and then hit the paper with a pen. Took me ages to get down from 501, finishing on a double as well takes a fair bit of time.

    When I managed it during my physics exam I almost broke into the darts tune after managing, was ecstatic!
  16. Rofl.
  17. You've probably invented the best non-educacional activities during tests ever.
  18. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of them :laugh:
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