So...I sorta headbutted this guy on the bus today...Woops.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Basically today on the bus going home from school these 2 kids sitting in front of me started telling me I was a fuck up and asked what my parents thought of me and told them that they're proud of me and then they said they were fucks up to and kept going for about 20 seconds. So I grabbed the bigger one (The other guys a fucking midget and I don't really like hitting people smaller than me) and go to him, "You wanna cop a headbutt ****?" and then he just mocked me so I pulled him towards and just headbutted him.

    Since it was on a bus I didn't wanna have an actual fight on there so I didn't do anything after that. So tomorrow I have a meeting at school. As a lot of you know I got repeated this year and this meeting is to see whether I go back into year 10 or if I have to stay in year 9 for the rest of the year. So if I end up stuck in year 9 the rest of this year I'm gonna go earn myself a holiday and punch on with him.

    So best of luck to me getting into year 10, if I fail best of luck to me in kicking this guys head in :happy:

    Anyway you guys have any fight stories or stuff?
  2. lmao, I love these stories of yours.
  3. I was in a fight once. It went something like this...
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  4. Wait we can make threads like these?? Oh goody, gonna make one and tell everybody here about my days at work :yay:
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  5. Lol I swear William just returns here to tell us his bad life choices.
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  6. Hey, I do other things around here :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Just don't post as often anymore and usually people find these sort of things interesting so I thought I'd share :jericho:
  7. I ran with scissors once. :sad:
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  8. nobody cares about some career McDonalds employee who does stupid shit.
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  9. I thought this was about William, not Cloud?
  10. Cloud > u all. Dudes a fucking GOAT.
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  11. We get it, you're mental, you hit people, you swear a lot, you're Australian, now stfu.
  12. Whilst we're being bad ass motherfuckers ITT I got a tattoo and bought some beer.
  13. I ripped the Do Not Remove tag on a mattress before. :upset:

    Still haunts me to this day. :sad:

    I still have the empty shell of the mattress. I keep it around still because i'm a sick fuck and I like watching the feathers and stuffing fall out every so often. There are some days where I regret ever doing it and try and put the stuffing back in... but it always comes back out one way or another... It's messed up, I know, but it's something I'm going to have to live with.
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  14. Also, I do cocaine.
  15. Was going to like that post until Punk scared me started acting tough so I shoved Heyman out of the way and hit the spinning backfist of doom to his jaw before making Brock tap in a kneebar.
  16. I kill black people...

    think I'm doing it wrong.

  17. Always gotta hold a brother down.
  18. Just kill? Not maim or stab them every so often so that they die a slow painful death? wtf is wrong with you :dafuq:
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