So if Cena/Ziggler is happening

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. How will it go?

    I know with WWE logic that Cena would win, no questions asked..

    But there was a report on Cena and WWE where they weren't the biggest lovers anymore.

    Is it possible for Dolph to go over Cena? Could it be?

    How would you book it?
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  3. :sad1:

    No further explanation?
  4. Since Cena normally goes over everyone and Ziggler normally jobs to everyone I'd say Cena wins if they wrestle. Although I see your point, with Dolph getting some wins lately, he pinned Randy Orton on SD, when normally an RKO would close the show as always. However, if he was to go one on one with Cena normally I'd say Cena wins because it's what normally happens. It's possible for Dolph to go over if they play on Cena's injury and it's a dirty win though.
  5. Dirty win sounds good. :gusta:

    Him going over Cena, means that Ziggler goes over even a little more. Which is perfect imo.
  6. I still think Cena wins clean though.
  7. Wouldn't it be time for Cena to let people go over him? :hmm:
  8. It's also about time Vince retired. Cena has no problem with people going over him, I'm sure, but someone with power has.
  9. :sad1:

    Man.. That's so bad..

    I mean, Dolph is? 31? 32? He needs his ''over-ness'' asap. Or else they'll be too late with it imo..
  10. #WWELogic will give us Cena vs. Dolph because both of them likes her. :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Yeah I know. I'm just being pessimistic, based off what would've happened some time ago. Maybe they're pulling the trigger on DZ now, I for one believe he'll leave TLC as the WHC.
  12. Man I hope they will...

    They're taking so damn long with Ziggler imo.. Too long.

    Everyone can see the dude is talented. It's not like nothing when people are already calling his name in one sentence with Michaels, Flair and Mr. Perfect. WWE is wasting so much right now.. It's so bad..
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