So I'm Back

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Lackin, May 17, 2014.

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  1. Yeah i'm back, hopefully some people will remember me, this is a re-introduction for the people who don not. Basically I joined the forums back on May 13th 2012 posted and was active to an extent, then I didn't come on as much, then went off completely. But now that I leave school in a couple of days and finishing GCSE's I have came back.

    Trying to think about people who were here and what they have changed their names.
    If you could if you remember me can you put your former names below so I know who people are.
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    OH YEAH! COME BACK TO SUPER :pipebomb: so we can take over the forums AGAIN! OH YEAH!
  3. Ayyy welcome back.
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  4. 'Ello there and welcome back... I joined back in January of this year.. I like the assholes around here so I figured I'd stick around =)
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  5. Hiya welcome back, I joined at the beginning of the year in early January I wanna say.
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  6. Welcome Back!

    I joined early this year so you may not know me but hopefully you will now!

    Awesome Avatar by the way!
  7. Welcome back dude, sure you'll adapt to the forums vast changes soon enough
  8. Welcome back buddy.
  9. Read this as "So I'm black"
    I am very disappointed now.
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