So immortal how would you have disbanded it?

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    Say Jeff forgot his pills or whatever he was on that night at Victory Road, how would you have ended Immortal?

    It seemed to me that AJ saving the company at BFG was the obvious route to go down, especially since Hulk turned face the same time. A twist could have been Roode going on like he did winning the Series and challenging Jeff, would he have gone over though? Would he have turned heel and gone on his epic reign, how about Jeff would he have stayed face or
  2. I'd have it end at BFG 2011 of course, with Sting going over Hogan (and he did go over), and Roode going over Hardy (if Victory Road never happened).

    The leftovers of Bischoff, Flair, Gunner, Steiner, Bully and Abyss I'd feud with each other immediatly after (which they sort of did).
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