Battleground So is Battleground replacing Hell in a Cell PPV?

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  1. So is Battleground replacing Hell in a Cell PPV? looks like it well all I can say it this time last year for that PPV Kelly Kelly vs Beth for the divas title was another great match but Beth cheated by getting Natalya to hit Kelly Kelly on the head with the mic. Kelly Kelly would of still been divas champion if it werent for that
  2. ....Over The Limit was renamed to Battleground.

  3. you don't have to be such a dick about it
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  4. Sorry. Couldn't help myself. :downer:
  5. Archer?
  6. STOP!, you are hurting his feelings
  7. yessim
  8. *her

  9. I fucked up again!:cry:, But I knew she is a girl
  10. Who BLFFL or LDB? Either way it's debatable :pipebomb:
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  11. What do shemales like being called again?
  12. Deathbane
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  13. Or Aids Johnson
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  14. Why not Deathaids?
  15. That'll offend people who have died.
  16. ...but they're dead
  17. You insensitive person.
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  18. I always just refer to trannys as "Seabs ex" Aids Johnson is exclusive to Magic Johnson. Ma$e Johnson is what you can call dudes who like shemales, though.

    And if you were going to combine me and Deathbane, it would be Lady Aids-Bane. That sounds shemale.
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  19. What about Lady Johnson? That sure sounds shemale imo.
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