So is Option C still a thing?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Just realized: With no Destination X, will the X-Division Champion get a World Title shot at Slammiversary now? Or are we just forgetting about that?
  2. Hopefully TNA didn't forget about it.

    But not having my hopes high that it'll happen at Slammiversary at all. And it shouldn't. Probably one day on IMPACT.
  3. Probably a squash match on Impact and forgotten the year after.
  4. God I hope so. I loved that scenario. It made the X-Division feel more special.
  5. Well, it worked with Aries. But who's going to be the champ then? I doubt he'll be built well enough for us to believe he could beat the World Champ, I could be wrong here but I don't think so. Well, we'll see.
  6. Isn't it former world champ bob vam dam?
  7. I doubt it'll happen anyway but I'd love it if Kenny King was the one, it could be the start a huge push for him (have him go close to winning the world title but not quiet get it done, this leads to him beginning a big pursuit and could bring the X division up in a big way also as they had someone who came within seconds of winning the title, he has a huge year and wins the X title again around 6 month before Option C again, and is desperate to hold onto it for his second shot) or you could have AJ attack BVD and win the title that way as a further fuck you to the company (it could be a loophole to his can't challenge for a title match schtick), he's one of the few who doesn't need a great build as well it's AJ, he's always capable of slotting in to the main event.
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  8. Not so, not so.

    If Jesse Sorensen comes back quick, he'll be the one gunning for it, IMO. The other candidates: Kenny King and possibly AJ Styles.
  9. Can't see King or Sorenson winning the belt from Blahb, but AJ winning the X-Title and saving us from this horrendous title reign? That sounds perfect.
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  10. Yeah, King was buried this past week, Bob beat him cleanly 1-2-3. Can't see how he'll win it (or even get a shot) at Lockdown.

    Sorensen's future in wrestling or TNA is uncertian, so we'll see how it comes out.

    Maybe Rockstar Spud is our new hope to end probably the worst X reign in company history? Or maybe Silva and Shaw from OVW? Everyone is better than that weeded-up prick.:facepalm1:

    Praying for it to end Lockdown, whomever may end it. The division will instantly get better.
  11. Don't know why they continue to bury the younger, better KK over and over again. It makes no sense, especially after it looked like he was getting a big push after his heel turn.
  12. Zema still has some cred as he is natural douche and heel, King doesn't because he is just mediocre, Christian York still has some hope for a title push.

    The part-timers like Joey Ryan, Robbie E, Kaz, Daniels, Styles, Aries, Joe.... Dunno about them.

    I'm tellin' ya, Rockstar and OVW guys are our only hope atm.
  13. Since you're the TNA guru, WTF is going on with Ryan and Morgan?
  14. Sucked that BVD completely buried King on IW.
  15. Well, we last saw them back at Genesis PPV and we certainly saw that Morgan was pissed at Ryan after the match because they always pin Ryan, never Morgan. So I smell a breakup when they come back to TV. They weren't flown to the UK tour, but worked the entire February, live events wise, so they are still with the company, of course.

    I expect to see them this upcoming thursday on IMPACT Wrestling. Why? Because it's from the fuckin Impact Zone.:damnn:
  16. Good, miss seeing them. I need sleaze in my life.
  17. Me too. :gusta:

  18. There is no Destination X PPv but they can use it. Hope they will so it can be a way for AJ Styles to compete for the World title before BFG. This can be a good thing.
  19. As long as it isn't BVD, sure. Kenny king would be dope though, who is the face fighting in x-division besides bvd?
  20. Christian York, and several others fall under the weight limit, hope Hardy gets bumped down there soon
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