Fast Lane So it is now very possible

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Ambrose has lost the IC title to Owens after Steph screed him... We all want it, Vince doesn't but we do, if he wants to save mania he's gotta do it. Ambrose getting this win and winning at mania can help WWE so much. So *knock on wood* if WWE wants Mania to be a good event, Ambrose has to be the one to win and not Roman. Roman should take on Lesnar while the Wyatts move on to something else. God for bid please WWE, make it happen Sunday.
  2. I am hoping and now that Ambrose did lose the IC title, it seems a lot more probable that Ambrose will in fact win. If Ambrose does win, I'll mark the fuck out.
  3. At first I thought they took the title off Ambrose just to give us some type of hope that he was gonna win, but since the Dudley's attacked Roman, now I think Ambrose might actually win.

    WM Predictions with this feud so far:
    Dean Ambrose vs. Triple H (c) for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt
    The Uso's and Roman Reigns vs. The Dudley's and a 3rd partner.
  4. Of course it's very possible now! I hope WWE goes through with it.

    I am so gonna mark out if/when Ambrose wins!
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  5. I can see this happening, but what I hope happens is that the rock vs roman reigns. With reigns becoming heel.
  6. Imagine if Ambrose wins this... Beats triple h... Reigns for a while... Then battles heel cena at summerslam... Holy shit.
  7. It's pretty strange, almost feels too good to be true. Ambrose has been getting good reactions, yeah, but the WWE wouldn't revolt if he lost at Fast Lane. That is, until you made the last month the month of Ambrose. From the white hot stuff with Lesnar, to even being protected from taking a loss last night. It's out of nowhere almost. From shifting focus from Reigns to Ambrose in such a short time. And I don't think it's directly due to Ambrose's reactions, much like Bryan's was when he main evented Mania. Either his supporters in the back finally shown Vince the light, or it's being done to add an air of unpredictability.

    Having Ambrose go in so hot into Fast Lane, then winning. And then Roman turning on him to get put into the ME with Ambrose could easily make Reigns the next top heel. Even more so if he stopped Ambrose's momentum at FL and pinned him.

    So, are WWE genuinely invested in Ambrose now? Or are they just going a different route with Reigns so he can still come out on top? We shall see.
  8. You simply don't get it..

    Here's what's going to happen Sunday. Reigns will win the triple threat match, Ambrose will sneak his way into the main-event of WresteMania and Reigns will defeat Ambrose and Triple H in the main-event to become WWE Champion.

    Ambrose is not winning at Mania, if you truly think that's going to happen, then you're stupid, plain & simple.
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  9. Why would Reigns fight his own cousin? That doesn't really make sense, especially after being attacked by the Dudey's, he's not just gonna ignore that.
  10. The whole Dudley's becoming "Paul Heyman Guys" is what they are playing in to. It will be Brock vs Roman at Wrestle Mania and Ambrose vs HHH. I am almost certain.
  11. I am sure we will find out for certain by the end of Smackdown. What you thinking @Shadow? I think you are the biggest Ambrose mark on the forum... What if they actually did this? I mean to me... HHH vs Ambrose would be a better match up.
  12. Why Brock vs. Roman? That would just be a repeat of last year, minus Rollins and the championship of course.

    I can also see them still giving Roman the win at Fast Lane and then having Ambrose somehow get into the WM title match. Where he either wins, or turns heel.
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  13. Most of me thinks that they're just trying to add some unpredictability to the PPV. Win or lose though Roman will walk out as a heel. Even if Ambrose is the one to turn. The crowd won't accept it. But honestly, the WWE did it to themselves with this past month.

    If Reigns wins I do think that a 'heel' Ambrose will probably find a way to get in the Main Event. He'll have to be just about. But if Ambrose wins a heel Roman can face someone like Taker to be solidified as top heel.

    Top face Ambrose pitted against top heel Roman in a post-Mania feud just screams money.
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  14. First of all: LOL @ the IC title. Obligatory midcard belt rant, why do these things still exist? They finally do an alright job masking the fact that these belts are pointless just to pull this.

    Anywho, I'm really feeling like there's a great chance of this for all the reasons y'all already stated (plus it makes the 'Mania card shine much brighter), but that's also dangerous. If RomanWinsLOL happens at Fast Lane, how much of a disappointment will that be for us Ambrose fans who've enjoyed the buildup so much? Screw that so hard.

    (Granted, Reigns can still win in an entertaining fashion or can turn heel or something else interesting, but they've went down the "safe" road with Roman for so long that why would they stop now?)
  15. I think that Ambrose and Reigns are both going to be in ME against Triple H. I could see it going 2 ways.

    Reigns and Ambrose both get the pin on Lesnar at the same time.

    Ambrose gets the win but Roman still has his rematch clause for the belt.
  16. They are not ending brocks reign at fast lane. No fuckin way.
  17. Yea but it will be becuz of the Wyatts gang raping him if they do.
  18. Idc of bray hits 10 sister Abigail's and strowman rapes Brock in the ring, then he gets speared, and double armed ddted, they're not ending his streak at fast lane. It would be a waste, especially with mania drawing so near. If Brock is going to be pinned, it'll be at mania or, possibly, summerslam.
  19. The same reason why family feuds have happened throughout all of wrestling history. Jealousy, mad that he can't get the job done, and wanting to be better than his uncle. They can easily make an angle.
  20. I just can't see them in a match against each other. Maybe if The Rock was at Fast Lane, but he's not. I can see Reigns losing at Fast Lane and then The Rock coming out to help Reigns after an attack or something, and then Reigns attacking him. But again, that is highly unlikely.
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