So it seems I never actually introduced myself...

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by euantor, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. ...I thought I had but oh well.

    I've been around here for a month or two now. Not really into WWE tbh but oh well.
  2. Welcome again...

    I liked your previous avatar.

  3. I've been using that one for so long :emoji_slight_frown: Getting pretty bored of it.
  4. Your current avatar and sig is boss, keep those.

    Hey euantor <3. Tell them more about what you do, it will increase your e-rep.
  5. What I do? Laze around wasting my life on various internet sites. Occasionally do some productive stuff like write a MyBB plugin. get annoyed me noobs contacting me and sift through thousands of SPAM emails and PMs. Drink copious amounts of beer and ale. Pretty much sums it up :emoji_wink:

    Oh, and I also occasionally provide support at MyBB. Whenever I can be bothered.
  6. Could have increased ego by simply saying "made notification plugin that MyBB desperately needed". :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Yeah. I think my actual post was a little more insightful though :emoji_wink: MyAlerts was a fun project though. Now I just need to finish it.
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  8. And then move on to threaded PM's? :yay:
  9. Probably. Though Userpages and MyStatus are woefully outdated. Both need some pretty major work at some point.

    I might just see if somebody fancies partnering on threaded PMs. Would make life easier.
  10. Holy shit threaded PMs?

  11. Perhaps Paul? Or Omar?

    Personally I think notifications & threaded PM's should be core.
  12. Possibly. Paul might want to make it paid at though and I don't really like charging for my work. I think Omar sometimes charges too. I'll probably end up going it alone again.


    It's definitely a possibility if I get time to do it :otunga:
  13. Welcome man.
  14. Wish you did make a premium site euantor, the plugins you want to make are plugins that everyone wants. Not random easy crap that can be done without a plugin.

    We are subscribed to Paul though at mybbplus, it's ridiculously cheap. Something like $5 subscriptions are fine imo, you should do it. Alerts was and still is hard work, so why not get some benefits?
  15. It's so much hassle setting it all up. Plus I'd have to provide more accurate release schedules. You saw how long I took getting MyAlerts out.
  16. Maybe it would motivate you?

    All you need is a forum with a few sections and a professional theme. I guess the actual plugin distribution is a pain and hard work though.
  17. I have been considering it. I just need to get my arse in gear really and get it done. Even if it isn't a premium subscription site I don't even run any kind of site right now at all.
  18. Ale and beer you say?

    Sounds like you and I will get along just fine.
  19. I can't live without my beer. A beer a day keeps the doctor away :emoji_wink:
  20. We need your help euantor :((.
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