So it Turns Out Bears Are Surprisingly Good Rock Climbers

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    Trees? Sure. Trees are nature's ladders, to a bear. A craggy rock face, on the other hand, seems a taller – and more dangerous – order. But these two black bears handle a cliffside ascent with ease.

    Via Stephanie Latimer, the nature enthusiast who captured the pair on video:
    Endangered Mexican Black Bears (momma and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall, March 21, 2014. I spotted them while I was kayaking and want to share with you my nature loving, rock climbing, suspenseful satisfaction.

    Bears > > > > > > >
    :pity1: @Britanica
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  2. Bears are badass!
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  3. Mexican and Black? Did anybody not expect this bear to not climb?
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  5. It's true. She probally dressed up in a Border Patrol uniform to scare the poor thing.
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